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Office of Operational Medicine and Quality Improvement Division (CG-1K21)

Healthcare Provider Credentialing and Privileging

  1. Credentialing and privileging are required for all healthcare professionals providing services to patients in the Coast Guard health system. Health care professionals subject to this requirement include physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, pharmacists, dental hygienists, and optometrists.
  2. Electronic privileging process is now through the Central Credentialing Quality Assurance System (CCQAS) https://ccqas.csd.disa.mil/ The process is initiated by the provider requesting privileges through the CCQAS coordinator Maryann Millett, at maryann.millett@uscg.mil. The links listed to the right have Provider Instructions for completing the application. Links below the instructions are U.S. Coast Guard supported core privileges for each professional category.
  3. The ability to perform all core clinical privileges is required of providers assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard as applicable to the professional category.
  4. Providers may request supplemental privileges, which are in addition and separate from the supported core clinical privileges. Supporting documentation of education, training, and /or job experience will be required for any supplemental privilege requested.
  5. Questions concerning the process should be directed to CAPT Wade McConnell, (202) 475-5171 or email: Wade.B.McConnell@uscg.mil.