Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)

The Coast Guard is in the initial stages of acquiring sUAS to be placed on the NSCs and OPCs.  One of the initial planning documents used for the acquisition is the Integrated Logistics Support Plan (ILSP).  The ILSP serves as the master logistics planning document that describes necessary logistic activities, assigns responsibility for those activities, and establishes a schedule for completion.

The Human Systems Integration team is providing input into the ILSP to include:

  • Detailed guidance for the training development plan including market research for onboard and embedded training,
  • Requirements for factory and familiarization training and initial support and training,
  • Analysis to ensure the sUAS is manned by the necessary personnel consistent with mission performance, human performance, affordability, and safety and survivability (e.g., Watch Quarter Station Billet, general emergencies, general quarters), and
  • Ensuring shore support manpower is sufficient to complete organizational and/or depot level maintenance in the allocated time.

More information on the sUAS can be found on the following websites: