Short and Long-term Parking Passes

The Base Security Office issues vehicle passes for all authorized personnel requiring routine access to and parking on Coast Guard Island (CGI). Decals are no longer issued.

  • Location: Building 3 (Security)
  • Phone: (510) 437-3151
  • Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8AM - 3PM Closed for lunch noon to 1pm
  • All personnel requesting a parking pass must provide the following items to Security:


  • Current vehicle registration
  • Valid State driver’s license
  • Current Military/Dependent/Civilian Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Proof of current insurance showing policy dates and applicable vehicle


Visitor Passes

All vehicles entering the Base that don't already have access must obtain a visitor's pass. Note: If you don't have a valid Military/Dependent/Civilian Common Access CAC you must be sponsored. Sponsors can make prior arrangements by notifying through email to security, of the visit and providing the visitor's name, date/time of arrival and destination. See below for sponsor's responsibilities.

**Beginning on May 3, 2023, a REAL ID driver’s license or identification card is required in order to access a military base, federal courthouses, and other secure federal locations. Information on how to obtain a REAL ID compliant identification card can be found on the website or click here.**   

  • One Day visitor Pass:
    • Issued at the Base Main Gate
    • Items required by visitor to obtain:
      • Military/Dependent/Civilian CAC card, or
      • Valid State driver’s license or
      • U.S. Passport;
      • Current vehicle registration, and
      • Proof of current vehicle insurance.
      • Federal Limits Apply ID’s are NOT considered VALID ID’s on federal installations.
  • Visitor Passes for Longer than One Day but less than 90 days:
    • Authorized in instances such as attending training at MSC, TAD assignment to Alameda, and contractors assigned to work at base alameda for less than 90 days
    • Issued at the Security Office, Bldg. 3
    • Items required to obtain:
      • Military/Dependent/Civilian CAC, or
      • Valid State driver’s license or
      • U.S. Passport;
      • Current vehicle registration, and
      • Proof of current vehicle insurance.
  • Contractors who require access to Base Alameda for greater than or equal to 90 days:
    • In addition to complying with the above visitor pass documentation requirements, when contractors require access in excess of 90 days this constitutes long-term employment. All visitors with a long-term commercial interest aboard Base Alameda must enroll in the RAPIDGate ® Access Control System. For more details on how to enroll click on the RAPIDGate Enrollment Process Guide found here.



Base Access Procedures (Sponsor and Visitor Responsibilities)

The Coast Guard Island Sponsor fills out the Base Access Request Form, saves it, and emails as an attachment to

Required Base access in advance notice:

10 visitors or greater- 5 day notice

Less than 10- 48 hour notice

Less than 5- 24 hour notice

Same day- 2 hour notice

If the Sponsor sends the request within at least one working days’ notice, it will be reviewed and the visitor will be added to the access list. Be advised that if the request is sent after 1500, the names will not be added to the base access list until 0700 the next day or if on Friday, the following Monday.

If it is less than 24 HRS and during the normal FPCON, the visitor tells the main gate the CG Sponsor's name, phone number, and their destination. The main gate will notify the sponsor their visitor arrived. The sponsor shall go to the front gate and physically escort the visitor from the gate. In all other cases, will be available for base visit requests. Telephone sponsorship is unauthorized.