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Hours of Operation

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 0630 - 1100 & 1200 - 1500.
  • Thursday 0630 - 1100. Closed Thursday afternoon.
  • Saturday - Sunday & Federal Holidays: Closed




Base Alameda
Health Services & Work Life Department
Coast Guard Island, Bldg. 1
Alameda, CA 94501-5100

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Health Services & Work Life Department is to maintain the medical readiness of active duty U.S. Coast Guard and uniformed services personnel.

As the primary care site for active duty Coast Guard personnel, the Medical & Dental Branches provide a wide range of medical and dental services, including: acute and routine care for illnesses or injuries, gynecology, minor surgery, immunizations, physical therapy, wellness assessments, routine eye refractions, and occupational and routine physical examinations. Medical Administration assists personnel with specialty health care referrals, health benefits and the physical disability evaluations system.

Eligible beneficiaries use one of the three TRICARE options for their outpatient and inpatient health care needs: Standard, Extra or Prime*. TRICARE Prime requires enrollment by the beneficiary through their local TRICARE Service Center. Beneficiaries of active duty personnel can receive dental care by enrolling in the TRICARE - Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan through their sponsor's Personnel Reporting Unit. Detailed information on these programs is available from the Health Benefits Advisor.

*All Active duty personnel are required to enroll in TRICARE Prime upon arrival to their new duty station. Personnel can enroll at the TRICARE Service Center located within the clinic.

Please note: Pharmacy services are now available to only active duty military and reservists on orders. Retirees are encouraged to sign up with Express Scripts which is a program that mails medications to you--saves you gas and time! To save on the co-pay, be sure to ask your physician for generic substitutions.

For military and reservists on orders: Many medications are in their generic form, so these beneficiaries are reminded to ask the prescribing physician to mark their prescription "generic substitution authorized" and write each medication on a separate prescription form. Prescriptions may be written for a 90 day supply with a maximum of 3 refills. Controlled medications and narcotics are only authorized for a 30 day supply with no refills (exception: chronic seizure medications, e.g. Phenobarbital).