Base Alameda’s A&T Division supports members that are temporarily or administratively assigned to the Base for various reasons, including: awaiting transportation to/from cutter, awaiting separation processing, undergoing disciplinary measures, undergoing medical treatment, hardship, etc. Such personnel will be temporary or permanently assigned to the Base Temporary Duty (px) Division and report to the Base A&T Manager. Under the general direction and supervision of the Personnel Support Department (PSD) Head, the A&T Program is responsible for the administrative oversight and appropriate management of all Base A&T members. This group includes personnel who can be merely on their way to, or returning from training, or who have temporary or more serious medical issues, or who have pending minor or even more serious Military Justice matters awaiting disposition.

As a general rule, personnel assigned to shore units should be sent TDY or permanently ADASSIGN’d to a support allowance billet at their own unit or parent command, and not to Base Alameda. However, in some exceptional cases Base Alameda will accept ADASSIGN personnel from shore units in scenarios where medical treatment is not available within the member's local commuting area (50 miles), or when required in unique disciplinary cases. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis between the unit’s Executive Officer and Base PSD Head.

A unit requesting to assign a member to Base Alameda’s A&T Program must submit an email request to the Base A&T Manager to include TDY/ADASSIGN (Enclosure 1) worksheet and if applicable, a memo to CG PSC-OPM-2/EPM-2 (through Base Alameda) for ADASSIGN/PCS requests. Base Alameda specific templates can be requested from A&T Manager or PSD Head. There are two categories of personnel in the A&T Program:

      A.    Temporary Duty (TDY). Members who are temporarily assigned to the Base (non-permanent duty), away from their PDS, not to exceed 180 days without COMDT (CG-1332) approval. This includes transient members on a short-term TDY basis for the purpose of awaiting or reporting to their permanent duty station, usually a homeported cutter.

       B.    Administratively Assigned (ADASSIGN). Members who are permanently assigned to a Support Allowance Billet (SAB) at Base Alameda until a reassignment or a separation from the service occurs.


The following action items must be completed, as applicable, for all personnel, prior to reporting TDY to Base Alameda:

  1. PDS POC or XO contacts Base Alameda A&T Manager or PSD Head via e-mail at least two weeks prior to the requested assignment date and included TDY/ADASSIGN (Enclosure 1) worksheet signed by unit’s XO. The worksheet needs to have ample information and details. The worksheet must be reviewed and approved by Base A&T Manager and PSD Head prior to personnel reporting to Base Alameda for check in and assignment.
  2. Weigh-in conducted and entered into Direct Access.
  3. Personnel must be in receipt of properly prepared, signed TDY orders (NTE 180 days) prior to reporting TDY.
  4. EER counseling, if necessary, must be completed prior to reporting.

Additional Items for Medical TDY

  1. Updated duty status slip and treatment plan
  2. A&T Manager or PSD Head briefed on work limitations and any other pertinent information.

Additional Items for Administrative Assignment (ADASSIGN)

  1. Request for ADASSIGN submitted to PSC (thru Base Alameda A&T), with a copy provided to Base A&T Manager and PSD Head.
  2. Copy of the completed discharge package or medical board summary provided to Base A&T Manager and PSD Head.

Additional Items for Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

  1. PCS Departing Worksheet and Career Intentions Worksheet properly completed, endorsed by command, and provided to Base P&A Office.
  2. Inspection appointments to check out of Coast Guard housing.
  3. Household goods shipment scheduled through Personal Property Shipping Office (PPSO).

Additional Items for Separation

  1. Discharge package completed by permanent unit and routed to Personnel Service Center for processing, with a copy provided to Base A&T Manager and PSD Head.
  2. Transition Goals, Plans, Success (TGPS) appointment made.
  3. Dental exam and separation physical scheduled.