On behalf of Base Alameda and our Area Housing Office, welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area! Base Alameda proudly manages two local housing sites in the following geographic areas:

Alameda Housing Site – our largest San Francisco Bay Area local housing area, this 241-unit site contains 2, 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes, with a small number of single family homes typically reserved for special needs families. This local site is located approximately 5 miles from Coast Guard Island and located in the City of Alameda

Novato Housing Site – our North San Francisco Bay local housing area, this site contains fifty-six 2 & 4 bedroom apartments and thirty-three 3 & 4 bedroom single family homes. This North Bay site is located about 30 miles north of Coast Guard Island and is located in the City of Novato the former Hamilton Field AFB.

As a reminder, Coast Guard Housing is now mandatory for all orders issued on or after October 1, 2013. Assignments to housing units will be made based on family size where inventory permits, i.e. one bedroom per child. When possible, options will be given for housing assignments and we strive to accommodate housing site preferences, but please understand we must make housing assignments based on availability and work location.

All inbound members in receipt of official PCS orders must submit the following documentation via e-mail to the Alameda Local Housing Office at

D11-DG-M-BASEAla-PersSupport-HousingAlaArea@uscg.mil or by fax to (510) 748-0652.

Members with dependents

  • A DD Form 1746, "Application for Assignment to Housing". 
  • A copy of your SIGNED PCS orders (your initial unsigned orders can be submitted first, however assignment to housing cannot be made w/o signed orders).
  • For DOD members: A copy of your Dependency form.

Members without dependents:

Single Member E-5 and above: Government quarters are currently not available for Single E-5 & Above members. However, as part of the check-in process, you still need to request a release from military housing before your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) payment can start or you obtain a residence in the local community. Please ensure you complete this requirement, as failure to do so may adversely affect your BAH entitlement.

  • Copy of SIGNED PCS orders.
  • A DD Form 1746, "Application for Assignment to Housing". We understand you are not applying for housing but this is the required form we must use for official housing releases.

E-4 & below: Currently, all single members E-4 and below are required to be assigned to Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) government quarters at one of two locations. For those members attached to units in the Alameda/Oakland area, you will be assigned to a UPH unit at the CG Alameda housing site. For those members assigned to North Bay Commands you will be assigned to a UPH unit at the CG Novato housing site.

  • Copy of SIGNED PCS orders.
  • A DD Form 1746, "Application for Assignment to Housing" form.

Important Housing Information

CG Policy currently restricts the number of pets to 2: 2 dogs OR 2 cats OR 1 of each. Exotic animals such as, but not limited to, reptiles, rodents (other than hamsters and guinea pigs), ferrets, hedgehogs, skunks, rats, raccoons, squirrels, pot bellied pigs, monkey, arachnids, rabbits, or any farm animal are prohibited in all government-owned housing.

Recreational vehicles are only permitted on the housing sites if they can fit and are stored in your garage. Otherwise, alternative storage is available at the storage lot in the Novato Housing Area and the storage lot on Base Alameda for the Alameda Housing Area. Storage lots are also available on the economy.

Members with dependents that do not desire to live in Coast Guard housing and want to receive BAH to live on the economy, you may request to be placed on the BAH wait list by selecting box 1.b on the DD Form 1746 and writing "I Do Desire A Waiver To Reside In Civilian Housing". Additionally, state your reason for requesting a release. Special needs/medical situations may require accompanying official documentation. Please contact the Area Housing Office for more details.

Members who receive back-to-back orders in the Bay Area, you will be required to submit a DD Form 1746 and a copy of signed PCS orders. We understand you are not applying for housing but these are the required forms that we must use for official housing releases.

Members who are Bay Area homeowners and are returning to a home they previously purchased, or those in the process of purchasing a home in the local area, you will be released from mandatory housing. Please contact the Area Housing Office to discuss the paperwork required for release under this program.

For those members receiving a BAH release to live on the economy, the Area Housing Office maintains an apartment rental listing for the surrounding area. In addition, a new joint service website is available at www.homes.mil.

Again, welcome to the Bay Area and please feel free to contact our Area Housing Office at (510) 437-3961 if you have any housing questions or concerns. Thank you and have a great Coast Guard Day!

Points of Contact

Alameda Local Housing Office

  • Address: 99 Mosley Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501
  • Phone: 510-769-0831
  • Fax: 510-748-0652
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 0800 - 1600
  • Local Housing Officer: x 101
  • Local Housing Manager: x120
  • CTC (Maintenance): 510-769-9191
  • Housing Officer of the Day: 510-290-5450

Novato Local Housing Office

  • Address: 227 South Oakwood Drive, Novato, CA 94949
  • Phone: 415-382-4245
  • Fax: 415-382-4250
  • Hours: Monday - Friday 0800 - 1600
  • CTC (Maintenance) 415-883-3496
  • Housing Officer of the Day: 415-559-3934

Alameda Barracks Office

  • Address: Coast Guard Island, Bldg 24/26
  • Phone: MAA 510-437-3535
  • Office Hours: Monday - Friday 0700 - 1500

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