D11 Sexual Assault Prevention, Response, and Recovery (SAPRR) Team


Primary Confidential Reporting Options:


24/7 SAPR Response Line: (510) 871-0114 (Call or Text)

The D11 Alameda SARC is responsible for all SAPRR related functions involving units operating in the Alameda/Oakland area, to include all units South of that area (LA/LB, San Diego, Monterey, Morro Bay)

Alternate  Confidential Reporting Options:

Volunteer Victim Advocates: There are over 100 uniformed Coast Guard Victim Advocates  spread throughout District 11. Please see the nearest SAPR Response Team Poster at your nearest base, or unit gathering area.


DoD Safe Helpline: A helpline representative is available 24/7 to answer any questions, and/or put you in contact with the nearest SAPRR representative closest to you.


(877) 995-5247 or www.safehelpline.org


Other Resources: As a reminder you may also  report a sexual assault to a Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (EAPC), Family Advocacy Specialist (FAS), Healthcare Representative, Chaplain, or Special Victims Counsel. Please be advised reporting the incident outside the above referenced individuals may result in an Unrestricted Report. Please consult with your local area SARC or VA if you have questions.


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