Family Advocacy Specialists (FAS):

* TRACEN Petaluma:  (707) 765-7045 (Office) / (707) 734-0247 (Mobile)

* Base Alameda: (510) 437-5838 / (510) 871-7017 (Mobile)

The FAS assists commands in identifying and intervening in allegations of intimate partner violence and child maltreatment, in accordance with Family Advocacy Program, COMDTINST 1752.1. General awareness and leadership trainings are provided to facilitate prevention with early identification, reporting, and safety planning.

Case management duties include:

  • Safety assessment/planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Rating the likelihood of future abuse
  • Collaboration with investigating agencies
  • Oversight of safety and treatment compliance
Areas of focus include:
  • Allegations of physical/emotional/sexual abuse or neglect of intimate partners
  • Allegations of child physical/emotional/sexual abuse and neglect
Training and subject matter expertise is offered in all areas related to family maltreatment. For more information on the USCG Family Advocacy Program, visit the HSWL SC FAP Website.
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