Personal Financial Management Coordinators (PFMC) -  (310) 521-6131 or (510) 437-3237

COMDTINST 1740.8, COAST GUARD PERSONAL FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM, promotes the importance of personal financial readiness for Coast Guard members and dependents. This instruction requires that Commanding Officers make financial information and resources accessible to members to develop individual strategies to address financial challenges and meet personal goals. The PFMC oversees the financial program by consulting with commands and coordinating training, counseling, and referrals for Coast Guard members and families.


Blended Retirement System Info


Command Financial Specialists: CFSs are certified command-designated financial trainers and counselors who support the command in improving personal financial wellness. CFSs are generally E-6 and above active-duty members who have completed an approved 5-day curriculum that qualifies them to serve in this role. They have a standard curriculum of courses for facilitation upon request. Interested in becoming a CFS?

Personal Finance Topics available for unit training:
·         Developing a Spending Plan
·         Debt Management
·         Retirement Planning
·         Credit Management
·         Investing Strategies
·         Consumer Awareness / ID Theft and Fraud
·         Financial Goal-Setting
·         Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)
·         Blended Retirement System (BRS)
Contact the PFMC to request training.
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