LTJG Nyjah Turner
HSWL Department
(310) 521-6126

CWO Christopher Cisneros
Clinic Adminstrator
(310) 521-6065

Medical Care

As part of the Patient Centered Wellness Home, Clinical Practice LA-LB’s Clinic provides primary care services for active duty personnel.  Each active duty member will be assigned to a team that will attend to your healthcare needs.  Active duty family members and retirees NOT enrolled in Tricare Prime can be seen for acute care, on a space available basis.  Patients are seen for acute and routine care by appointment only and may be scheduled by calling or visiting the Front Desk. Routine services include:
Primary Care Medicine Primary Dental Care
Immunization Lab Work
Prescription Services Over the Counter Medications
Referral services  

Afterhour Care

Tricare maintains a 24/7 Nurse Advice Line to help manage after-hours healthcare needs. Please dial 1-800-TRICARE, Option 1 to speak directly to a Nurse. 

EMERGENCY CARE – Go to the nearest Emergency Department. As soon as practical, notify the Duty HS and Command of the emergency room care and/or admittance to the hospital.

Additionally, Clinic personnel monitor an email service for general questions regarding your healthcare (you shall receive an answer back within 1 business day) at Please call appointment line to schedule medical or dental appointments.

Physical Examinations

A full range of required physical examinations are provided by appointment. These include:

Annual PHA
Biennial Aviation
6 month-2 year OMSEP Physical
Overseas/Sea Duty Screening 6 month prior to deployment of 60 days or greater
Pre-commissioning/Appointment 12 months prior to becoming an officer
Separation Physical within 12 months for retirement, 6 months for involuntary separation
Reserve PHA’s are conducted through the PHA call center by dialing 1-888-MYPHA99