Relocation Program Manager: (619) 278-7117   

Mission Statement . . .to assist active duty, recalled reservists, civilian members, and family members with re-location information during transfer season.    

The Transition and Relocation Manager (TRM) is a member of Base Los Angeles Long Beach (LA/LB) Work-Life Office and provides relocation information, referrals, websites, welcome packages, and local program information. The TRM reaches out to all members transferring into the AOR to provide helpful information prior to transfer. The TRM also has strong partnerships with DoD counterparts and other Federal, State, non-profit, or commercial entities.
Welcome Aboard Packages

San Diego

Los Angeles/Long Beach
Southern California (Oxnard, Channel Islands Harbor, Morro Bay)
Housing Information
Base LA/LB housing information can be found at the USCG Base Los Angeles-Long Beach website.
For San Diego housing info, contact the San Diego Housing Officer at (619) 278-7218
Housing information for other locations can be found in your welcome package.
Sponsor Program
Your sponsor is a member assigned from your reporting command who should contact you early in the transfer process to provide unit specific details and person-to-person support (especially during the first weeks after arrival). Your sponsor should greet you at the airport and assist you with the check-in process. If underway, your Sponsor should have arranged for someone else to help you until he/she returns to port.

 K-12 School Info


Child Care Information
There are lots of options for childcare, but two primary Coast Guard-specific programs:
Requests for childcare through the military system must be submitted through the centralized Military Childcare system at Please note that many military childcare centers have a wait list based on priority. The wait for infant care is usually the longest. Make your request for care as soon as possible.
An alternative to the military childcare system is the use of the USCG Childcare Subsidy, which is based on family income. You must find your own provider and supply the provider's license information to GSA as part of your application, along with financial documents (Earning Statement, tax return info, etc). More info can be found at the GSA's subsidy website.
To find a licensed provider, go to or - Type in your zip code, answer a few questions, and you will find the contact info for your local child care referral agency.
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