Commanding Officer
USCG Base Alameda 
Coast Guard Island, Bldg 21
Alameda, CA 94501-5100

Education Mission Statement

Base Alameda Education Center at Coast Guard Island provides the highest standard of educational guidance to heighten Coast Guard personnel educational opportunities for success in their professional career and as well as in their personal lives.

Education Center Hours

  • 0700-1500 Monday-Friday
  • Closed on Federal Holidays and during Command Sponsored Liberty
  • Drop-ins welcome, service is on a first come, first served basis. Phone is (510) 437-5846/5738.

Education Services Available

  • The Joint Services Transcript (JST) replaced the CG Assessment request. Please log into the (JST) website at by using your CAC Card. The JST shows you how much recommended college credit you have already earned. After logging in to the website, select transcript to review your unofficial JST. When reviewing the JST, pay attention to start/end dates of A and C schools as well as your dates of rank against your Direct Access data. If you discover errors on your JST, please complete a CGI-1562 form and include documentation (certificates/course completion letters, etc) for those courses to be submitted to your ESO for processing using TACCTS. If your JST is correct, you may request your Official Transcript(s) through the JST website at using the Transcript Request option.
  • Tuition Assistance Eligibility. Submit your TA eligibility form to the Base Education Office. Ensure your CO (proper signature block) signs/approves your request. Once completed, the eligibility form (all 3 signature blocks must be signed off) and send same to our office--we will save the document in our WEB TA ESO data base/files. When your WEB TA is submitted to our office, we will match your eligibility form and your TA request. If your WEB TA request is correct it will be approved promptly by our office. 
  • Tuition Assistance Cost. Coast Guard Tuition Program (TA) will cover courses as per ALCOAST 340/23; the Coast Guard will fund 100 percent of the tuition cost not to exceed the following caps: $250.00 per semester hour, $166.67 per quarter hour. The new annual cap for the Coast Guard's TA is $4500.00 for eligible personnel. Click the TA Policy for more info on Tuition Assistance. Tuition Assistance pays for the courses; the member must pay for textbooks, course materials, and other fees out of pocket. These costs may be covered under U.S. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) up to $350.00 for qualified members. Member can also apply for the Coast Guard Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) up to $500.00 and must be used for first associates and/or bachelors. Coast Guard Foundation Education Grants are also an option.
  • Tuition Assistance Briefing - The Base Alameda Education Center will provide tuition assistance briefings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month starting at 1000 hours for anyone who would like to attend.
  • DANTES Examinations (CLEP Testing)
  1. CLEP Testing at University of Phoenix in Oakland
  2. CLEP Testing at Travis Air Force Base. Click for UMUC National Test Center info at Travis

Copy/paste to view the CLEP "college board." The CLEP exam registration tutorial is located at

The attached document shows what tests are offered, the passing score and the units that can be earned for a passing score:  What Your CLEP Score Means.

Each institution determines its acceptable scores and the amount of credits granted for each examination.  Students are encouraged to consult the institution granting their degree prior to taking these exams.

Education Center Testing Schedule (New hours as of 30 March)

Monday - 0700 (Sign Up Form for Monday)

  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
  • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
  • Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT)

Tuesday through Friday - 0800 and 1000 hours (Sign Up Form for Tuesday-Friday)

  • Only Coast Guard Qualification Exams available for testing:

There are no EOCTs and EPMEs tests because the Coast Guard has suspended those exams untilfurther notice and also those exams have been waived for FY2016.

Learning a Language: If you would like to learn a foreign language or want to prepare, maintain or improve your language skills, ability and proficiency, click the link below an search for your favorite language. Best of all it is free! Defense Language Institute

Office email is You will receive a confirmation email from the office to confirm your seat.

Officer Accession Programs

If you are planning to apply for one of the Officer’s programs, you must first contact your Alameda Recruiting Office (RO) for proper career counseling on OCS Accessions and submit your OCS package to the RO one month prior to the ESO’s Deadline programs. Their phone number is 510-769-8187.

Note: All packages must be submitted to the Recruiting Office with no exception and not to the Education Services Office (ESO). A recruiter will bring the packages to the Education Services Office prior to the ESO's Deadline and request that the ESO schedules an interview board for the applicant. Once the members’ interview board is scheduled, the recruiting office will notify the candidate of their interview date.

Go to for information about officer programs. It is the applicant's responsibility to review the announced CG message ALCGRECRUITING and each program carefully to ensure the application is completed correctly. If you have any questions in reference to the interview process, please contact the Alameda Recruiting Office to review your completed package. Feel free to call the Education Services Office for further questions about education qualification at (510) 437-5846/5738.

Volunteers - Commissioned Officers

Officer candidate interview boards are conducted on a frequent basis at Coast Guard Island. All boards are held in Building 3, Base Education Center. Your volunteer service for this program is very important. Selection of future CG officers is a huge responsibility and we hope to have only the best step forward as candidates and board members.

Boards must have a minimum of three officers to include a senior member. Senior officer must be an LCDR and above (O-4 to O-5) to serve as a the Board Leader, and two junior officers must be an ENS to LT (O-1 to O-3) to serve as Board Members. The junior members with the rank of ENS should have at least one year active duty service.

Education Center Points of Contact:

  • Regional Director/Education Services Officer/DANTES TCO: (510) 437-5846
  • Education Services Specialist: Verjaun P. Gordon