The Commuter Transit Subsidy Benefits Program (Mass Transit) is a benefit where Coast Guard participants may receive a monthly transit benefit equal to their actual commuting cost, not to exceed the monthly maximum limitation established by the IRS. IAW ALCOAST 471/21, effective 1 January 2022, the maximum monthly commuter transit subsidy allowance is $280.00, establishing or increasing transit benefit subsidy is completed by contacting the Local Mass Transit Coordinator.

IAW COMDTINST 5382.1, section 5.A.5, authorized participants including: Active duty Coast Guard military personnel, U.S. Public Health Service officers and U.S. Navy Chaplains assigned to the Coast Guard, Coast Guard civilian and non-appropriated fund (NAF) personnel. who are certified and active in the Commuter Transit Subsidy Benefits Program. Civilian and NAF personnel may be full-time, part-time, or temporary employees. Unpaid interns are not eligible. 

Personnel will receive a GO!Card by completing the two forms -  Application for Transit Benefits and GO!card Transit Subsidy Charge Cardholder Agreement Form. Forms may be found on the Base Alameda’s portal page: Home - Mass Transit ( or requested from the current coordinator by emailing Please be sure to include your full name in the subject line, example Application (Last name, First name) or GO!Card question/problem, (Last name, First name) to

The current Bay Area Mass Transit Coordinator is YN1 Kathleen Campbell, Base Alameda, Bldg. 21, 2nd deck, (510) 437-3852. Please email (preferred method of contact) with any questions regarding the program or benefit calculation.

Note: Benefits do not accrue until the date the application is filled out and signed. This benefit is not retro-active. If your trip cost increases and you are below the maximum benefit, contact us for re-calculation of subsidy amount.