As a general rule any member who is assigned to a cutter in the local area (home ported in Alameda) and needs to be put ashore or administratively assigned (ADASGN) should be assigned to a medical or discipline support allowance position at PSD. Who does not get assigned to the PSD TAD Branch? - As a general rule, personnel assigned to shore units should be ADASGN to a support allowance billet at their own unit and not to the Base. However, in some exceptional cases the PSD will accept ADASGN personnel from shore units in cases where medical treatment is not available within the member's local commuting area (50 miles) or when required in unique disciplinary cases. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis between the Assignment Officer (AO) and Base Commander.

Assignment to other units - Although personnel may be ADASGN to the PSD TAD Branch, Base Alameda will consider having the member perform day-work at other local DCMS and operational units as may be appropriate (i.e. sending a cook to the nearest local galley). The intent is to ensure the member is gainfully employed with in rate to the extent of their physical limitations and no cost local commuting options. The AOs will relay any suggested assignment locations when contacting the PSD for the assignment.

The AOs will contact the PSD Head as part of the orders issuing process to ensure the command is aware of the assignment of a member, although direct contact, XO to XO or CO to CO is encouraged prior to requesting an ADASGN.

The following action items must be completed, as applicable, for all personnel, prior to reporting TDY to Base:

All Personnel

  1. Permanent unit contacted and received authorization from the Base Commanding Officer (CO) or Executive Officer (XO) for personnel to be ordered TDY to PSSU.
  2. Guidelines and Checklist for all TDY and Administratively Assigned Personnel, enclosure (2), completed and provided to Base CO/XO.
  3. Critical Data Disclosure Form for TDY and ADASGN Personnel, enclosure (3), completed and provided to Base CO/XO.
  4. Weigh-in conducted and entered into Direct Access.
  5. Official No-Fee Passport provided to CSB.
  6. Personnel must be in receipt of properly prepared, signed TDY orders (NTE 180 days) prior to reporting TDY, and provide a copy to the CSB upon check-in.
  7. EER counseling, if necessary, must be completed prior to reporting.

Additional Items for Medical TDY

  1. Updated duty status slip and treatment plan provided to Base CO/XO.
  2. Base CO/XO briefed on work limitations and any other pertinent information.

Additional Items for Administrative Assignment (ADASGN)

  1. Request for ADASGN submitted to PSC, with a copy provided to Base CO/XO.
  2. Copy of the completed discharge or medical board package provided to Base CO/XO.

Additional Items for Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

  1. PCS Departing Worksheet and Career Intentions Worksheet, from reference (c), properly completed, endorsed by command and provided to Servicing Personnel
    Office (SPO),
  2. Inspection appointments made to check out of Coast Guard housing.
  3. Household goods shipment scheduled through Personal Property Shipping Office

Additional Items for Separation

  1. Discharge package completed by permanent unit and routed to Personnel Service Center for processing, with a copy provided to Base CO/XO.
  2. All actions for PCS completed (paragraph 4.C.4 above).
  3. Transition Assistance Preparation Seminar (TAPS) appointment made.
  4. Dental exam and separation physical scheduled.