Personal Property Shipping Office - PPSO
Base Miami Beach

Transportation Officer- Ms. Maxine Wilson-Bacon (305) 216-8037

Quality Control

Pre-Move Inspections

During the pick-up or delivery of your personal property, a PPSO inspector may randomly contact or visit you to check on the progress of your move. Contact your Transportation Office if you have any difficulties or questions.

Words of Caution

Regardless of how well a carrier may pack your personal property, there is a chance something may be lost or damaged.  If this happens, you have the right to file a claim against the carrier and/or the government.

If damages are found during delivery, list them on DD-Form 1840, "Joint Statement of Loss or Damage at Delivery."  This form also serves as a notice to the carrier of loss or damage and a receipt of delivery.  If you do not list missing inventory line items or obvious damage on this form at delivery, you may forfeit your chance of getting reimbursed.

If damages or missing items after delivery, you must use DD-Form 1840R, "Notice of Loss or Damage" (the reverse side of DD-Form 1840).  The completed DD-Form 1840/1840R must be sent (fax, mail, in person) to your local Transportation Office for validation no later than 70 days from date of delivery.  Failure to do so will result in a lesser amount payable on your claim.  In many instances this will result in the loss of your entire claim!  Annotation of loss or damages on the carrier's inventory or any other forms is not acceptable for processing a claim.  The only documents for recording shipment damage or loss are DD-Forms 1840 and 1840R.

Remember: The carrier has the right to inspect and offer to repair damaged articles.  Do not throw anything away unless instructed to do so.  It is important you not sign any delivery document until the carrier's representative has completed all required services.  However, do not refuse to sign these documents before the carrier's representative leaves if you have noted loss or damages. Contact your Transportation Office at any time should you think you are not receiving the quality move the government is paying for. Do not sign any documents unless understand what you are signing and don't allow the carrier's representative leave until you are sure all property has been packed/picked-up or delivered/accounted for.