How do I equip myself for telework?


If you believe you need Blackberry Mobility access, talk with your supervisor.

VPN: If you have a government laptop and it was connected to the CG network leading up to 15 March, your computer most likely received an automatic update of new Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. To confirm the software update, look in the “Cisco” folder in your start menu for “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.” If the software is not there, please go to CG Portal TechTips  for more information.

For those with greater IT connectivity needs while teleworking, VPN offers several advantages. It’s lower bandwidth, you retain access to special software loaded to your normal workstation (e.g. MS Visio, MS Project, etc.), and you can receive occasional Windows OS patches. More information on VPN is available at both of the below links to help configure your connection:

  1. CG Portal TechTips 
  2. MilSuite Telecommute Support