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Senior Leader Transition Course (SLTC) (100437)

About the Course

As officers and civilian personnel advance in the Coast Guard they must activate their transition from operational leaders focused on tactical competency to leaders who can effectively engage on the strategic and organizational level required as a future senior leader. O4s and GS13s must expand their ability to become intellectual agile and engage in finely tuned diagnostic skills to maneuver in the dynamic conditions of highly complex, strategic environments. The primary focuses of SLTC are Leading Performance and Change and Leading the Coast Guard with learning outcomes that enhance decision making, strategic and systems thinking, and teaming, shared leadership and change management. SLTC aims to provide graduates developmental experiences to prepare them for service as Coast Guard leaders who:

  • Assess, develop, and articulate reasoned judgments on tactical and strategic issues
  • Develop and interpret the role of strategic and systems thinking throughout their world of work
  • Generate the processes and capabilities to lead the collaboration with teams and external stakeholders to execute innovation and positive change

Read more about the course in this MyCG article.

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SLTC encompasses a blended learning format of six weeks of pre-resident online instruction and two weeks of residency. Online coursework requires a 2-3 hour commitment per week and includes reading, participation in online discussion boards and various other assignments. Students who fail to to complete the online coursework will be disenrolled prior to the residency period. The online portion of this course requires internet access, CG workstation not required.


The target audience for STLC is Active Duty and Reserve O-4s and GS-13 civilians.

Application Procedures

Active duty and civilians should coordinate with their Training Officer or ESO to submit an Electronic Training Request (ETR) using Direct Access. Reservists must route their request through their command to (DXR/AREA/DOL) via the the CGR-TMS process.


Class Convening Dates

Course Pre-Residency Residency

STLC 01-23

CQHQ-Washington, DC

31 Oct 28 Nov - 9 Dec

STLC 02-23

LDC-New London, CT

31 Oct  28 Nov - 9 Dec 

STLC 3-23

New Orleans, LA

26 Dec  23 Jan - 3 Feb 

STLC 04-23

LDC-New London, CT

9 Jan 6 Feb - 17 Feb

STLC 05-23

CQHQ-Washington, DC

30 Jan  27 Feb - 10 Mar

STLC 06-23

LDC-New London, CT

13 Feb 13 Mar - 24 Mar

SLTC 07-23

LDC - New London, CT

27 Feb 27 Mar - 7 Apr 

SLTC 08-23

LDC - New London, CT

20 Mar 17 Apr - 28 Apr 

SLTC 09-23

Alameda, CA

3 Apr  1 May - 12 May

SLTC 10-23

LDC - New London, CT

3 Apr  1 May - 12 May

SLTC 11-23

LDC - New London, CT

17 Apr 15 May - 26 May

SLTC 12-23

Portsmouth, VA

12 June 10 July - 21 July

SLTC 13-23

LDC - New London, CT

26 June 24 July - 4 Aug

SLTC 14-23

Camp Nett

10 July 7 Aug - 18 Aug

SLTC 15-23

CGHQ - Washington, DC

24 July 21 Aug - 1 Sep

STLC 16-23

LDC - New London, CT

14 Aug 11 Sep - 22 Sep

SLTC 17-23

Seattle, WA

21 Aug 18 Sep - 29 Sep

Please contact Romon Copeland in ETQC at for inquiries about course availability or adjustments to previously submitted ETRs.

Program Manager

LT Merrill Gutowski, COMDT (CG-128), phone 202-475-5089, email