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License and Certification Reimbursement for Spouses

Purpose of Program
Members serving on active duty in the Armed Forces may be reimbursed for their spouse's qualified relicensing costs after relocation to another state (including U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia) due to PCS orders.

Qualified relicensing costs include examination and registration fees that are imposed by the state of the new duty station to secure a license or certification to engage in the same profession the member’s spouse engaged in while in the state of the original duty station. These fees must have been paid or incurred by the member or spouse to secure the license or certification from the state of the new duty station after the date on which the orders directing the reassignment. This reimbursement applies to license or certification costs assumed after the date orders are issued redirecting the assignment and is retroactive to all assignments with an effective PCS departure date after 12 Dec 2017.

To file for reimbursement members must submit:

  1. Claim for Memebers for Expenditures on Official Business - Optional Form 1164 (REV. 11/2017) with:
    1. Unit Name in block 1,
    2. PCS TONO number in block 2,
    3. Member information in block 4,
    4. Date of submission in column (a),
    5. Code C in column (b),
    6. "License Reimbursement Fees for (Full Name of Spouse)" and/or "Certification Fee for (Full Name of Spouse)" in column (c), list separately if more than one, and amount of fees (not to exceed $500.00 for PCS prior to 19DEC2019 and $1000.00 there after) in column (i) of block 6,
    7. member signature/date in block 10,
    8. AO (travel claim provider) signature/date in block 8,
    9. Select one of the following to place at the bottom of the form in the Accounting Classification block depending on the PCS order issue date:  
      For FY18 PCS ordering issue date within CONUS: 2P801299210RA780452104
      For FY18 PCS ordering issue date from either HI/AK: 2P801299210RA780452114
      For FY19 PCS ordering issue date within CONUS: 2P901299210RA780452104
      For FY19 PCS ordering issue date from either HI/AK: 2P901299210RA780452114
      For FY20 PCS ordering issue date within CONUS: 2P001299210RA780402104
      For FY20 PCS ordering issue date from HI/AK/OCONUS 2P001299210RA780452114
  2. Copy of current PCS orders.
  3. Copy of new state license and/or certifications; and
  4. Copy of receipt(s) for relicensing and/or recertification fees paid at current PDS.

See OF-1164 Sample to assist.

Members will email the OF-1164, orders, current license, and receipt to FINCEN at Processing and payment may take up to 30 days.

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