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Office of Operational Medicine and Quality Improvement Division (CG-1121)

Deployment Health

Expeditionary Deployment

Expeditionary Deployments are generally those where CG units and personnel are placed under the command and control of a Department of Defense (DoD) Combatant Command (e.g. SOUTHCOM, PACOM, CENTCOM, etc.). 

Deployment to PATFORSWA is excluded from the requirements below.

Deployment to Guantanamo Bay (“GITMO”) is considered an expeditionary deployment, so the requirements below do apply.     

All Coast Guard Active Duty and Reservists who go on expeditionary deployments that last more than 30 days must complete the following Deployment-Related Health Assessments:

1.  A Pre-Deployment Health Assessment prior to departure.

2.  An In-Theater Mental Health Assessment once deployed for more than 179 days.

3.  A Post-Deployment Health Assessment immediately prior to return/redeployment.

4.  A Post-Deployment Health Re-Assessment 90-180 days after return.

5.  A Deployment Mental Health Assessment 181-540 days after return.

6.  A second Deployment Mental Health Assessment 541-900 days after return.

Note:  at least 90 days must pass between each of items 4, 5, and 6. 

These assessments are completed in the EDHA system; the link is to the right.

NOTE:  An Annual Periodic Health Assessment, DD Form 3024, completed in the appropriate window can fulfill requirements 5 and 6 above.

Routine Deployment
Routine deployment includes all Coast Guard Active Duty and Reservists involved in Coast Guard patrols and deployments, including those outside the United States, its territories or possessions, in support of Coast Guard missions. This also includes joint DoD deployments not associated with expeditionary deployments.  An example is a Domestic Disaster Relief Operation.