The TRICARE Service Center (TSC) is closed. We no longer offer walk-in services.

It is highly recommended that you log into to with your CAC or you'll need to establish a user name & password. This is a quick and easy way to monitor your referrals, confirm referral authorizations, and access to your TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (EOB). A Provider Directory can also be found at We have also listed many helpful websites below.

Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

Incorrect DEERS information may cause delays in receiving referrals and cause claims to be processed improperly. If your DEERS information is incorrect in the system, you or your dependents can be charged for medical benefits that are normally covered. YOU are responsible to ensure your information is accurate.

When you perform a permanent change of station (PCS), you need to update DEERS with your new home address, phone number & email. You also need to enroll yourself with a new TRICARE Primary Care Manager (PCM) upon arrival at your new duty station.

DO NOT change your family members PCM or DEERS information, until they physically arrive in the area and have a local address.

Helpful tips when you need to select a new doctor, pediatrician or dentist for your family:

Ask your new coworkers about local adult family practice or pediatricians offices before picking a new medical or dental provider off the TRICARE provider list. Who do they use? Where are the doctors' offices located? Do they have after-hours or weekend hours?

Be sure to call the doctor and dentist office and ask if they are accepting new patients.

A few minutes of your time can prevent a lot of problems for your family. Stop by the medical and dental offices before actually enrolling with them. Is their office located in a safe area of town? Is it a clean and professional? Were you treated respectfully by their reception personnel when you walked in to ask a few questions?


TRICARE North Region 1-877-(TRICARE) 1-877-874-2273
TRICARE Overseas 1-888-777-8343
TRICARE Reserve Select 1-800-555-2605
DEERS 1-800-538-9552
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy 1-877-363-1303
TRICARE for Life 1-866-773-0404



TRICARE Dental Program:


  • MetLife- Dependants: 1-855-638-8371
  • United Concordia- Active Duty: 1-866-984-2337
  • TRICARE Retiree Dental Program: 1-888-838-8737



Tricare Claims:
Health Net Federal Services
P O Box 870140
Surfside Beach, SC 29587-9740

Tricare for Life Claims
HWPS /Tricare for Life
P O Box 7890
Madison, WI 53707-7890

Express Scripts:
Express Scripts
Attn: Tricare Claims
P O Box 66518
St. Louis, MO 63166-6518

Met Life Dental (Dependants)
MetLife TRICARE Dental Program
Enrollment & Billing Services
PO Box 14185
Lexington, KY 40512



Health Net Federal Services:
TRICARE Prime Remote:
United Concordia – AD Dental Plan:
MetLife – Dependant Dental:
TRICARE Retiree Dental Program:
Veterans Affairs (VA):
US Family Health Plan:
DEERS-update address & phone #'s:
TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy: