USCG Base Cape Cod Dining Facility


USCG Base Cape Cod Dining Facility

The Base Cape Cod Galley serves food to all Coast Guard personnel, as well as to personnel from all commands at Joint Base Cape Cod. We are located in the Barracks building at 3159 Burge Blvd. at Air Station Cape Cod.

The Base Cape Cod Galley is currently not serving dinner. Galley patrons do have the option to purchase and take either a deli style sandwich and accompaniments or purchase a "to go" meal during normal lunch service hours. All meals will be served in "to go" containers with disposable flatware available.

Please contact Food Service Officer for the USCG Base Cape Cod Dining Facility at 508-968-6431 with any food or beverage related requests.

Food Service Officer: 508-968-6431
Galley: 508-968-6426

USCG Base Cape Cod Dining Facility

Hours of Operation

  • Mon - Fri
    • Breakfast: 0630 - 0730
    • Lunch: 1045 - 1230
    • Dinner: Closed

  • Sat, Sun & Holiday Routine
    • Breakfast: 0730 - 0900
    • Brunch: 1030 - 1215
    • Dinner: Closed

Meal Rates

  • Coast Guard Standard Meal Rate (CGSMR):
    • Breakfast: $2.55
    • Lunch/Dinner: $4.65

  • Coast Guard Full Meal Rate (CGFMR):
    • Breakfast: $4.10
    • Lunch/Dinner: $7.70

When the Coast Guard (CG) is not operating as a service in the Navy, the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS) shall establish rates for meals sold at CG Dining Facilities (CGDFs). The CG has received delegated authority from the DHS Secretary to set meal rates effective 01 May 2015. The Food Service Program (FSP) has worked with COMDT (CG-0944) to examine and analyze various patron groups authorized to subsist in the CGDF. The Commandant has established a CG Standard Meal Rate (CGSMR) that covers food costs and a CG Full Meal Rate (CGFMR) that covers food costs and operating expenses.


Authorized CGDF Patronage for the CGSMR and CGFMR are determined by law and subject to change on an annual basis. The current CGSMR and CGFMR categories are as follows:


CGSMR Patrons include:

  1. All active-duty Uniformed Service personnel in receipt of a subsistence allowance or meal portion of per diem.
  2. Coast Guard Reservists and other military Reserve Component (RC) members on inactive duty orders.
  3. Coast Guard Federal civilian employees (Appropriated Fund and Non-Appropriated Fund Activity (NAFA).
  4. Dependents of active duty member E-1 through E-4. Members and Chaperones of Non-Profit Youth Groups.
  5. Members and Chaperones of Non-Profit youth Groups.


CGFMR Patrons include (but are not limited to):

  1. Non-Federal civilians (i.e. State, Local, Tribal and Territory Partners)
  2. Coast Guard Reservists and other RC members not on orders
  3. Coast Guard Auxiliarists not on orders or assigned to official duty.
  4. Non Coast Guard Federal Civilian Employees
  5. Dependants of active duty members E-5 and above.
  6. Uniformed Service retirees.
  7. Contractors authorized by Commanding Officers/Officers-in-Charge (CO/OIC) to subsist in the CGDF
  8. All others not listed.