Military Medical Readiness

Individual Medical Readiness is the extent to which an individual active duty or reserve is free from health related conditions that could limit their ability to fully participate in Coast Guard operations. All active duty and reserve Coast Guard Personnel are required to be medically ready for deployment.

Medically Ready: To be fully medically ready, also known as "green" on Coast Guard Business Intelligence, a member must meet all six of the criteria.

  1. Periodic Health Assessments: PHA's are done annually on the patients birth month or up to 2 months prior. If you have no completed your PHA by the last day of your birth month you will change to "not medically ready" in CGBI.
  2. Dental: Service member must be rated as either Class 1 or Class 2 or failed if they are deemed Class 3 or Class 4. Class 1 means not requiring dental treatment or revaluation within 12 months. Class 2 means a service member has an oral condition that, if not treated or followed up, has the potential to, but is not expected to result in emergencies within 12 months. Class 3 signifies that a service member has an oral condition that if not treated is expected to result in a dental emergency within 12 months. Class 4 means a service member needs a dental examination.
  3. Medical Equipment: Service members who need glasses are required to have at least 2 pairs of corrective lenses with them during any deployment.
  4. Medical Readiness Labs: Service members are required to have a DNA specimen on file, baseline Tuberculin Skin Test (TST), sickle cell test and G-6-PD screen on file and an HIV test within 24 months.
  5. Immunizations: Based on current CDC guidance. 
  6. No Deployment Limiting Conditions: Are you Fit for Full Duty (FFD)?

Medical Readiness does not mean you are deployable. Being deployable also includes other factors determined by the Commanding Officer such as core competencies in job skills, but medically ready individuals are deployable from a medical standpoint and that is the goal with Medical Readiness. It is the Commanding Officer decision whether to deploy members that do not meet CG Medical Readiness criteria.