Recycling Center Base Cape Cod

Available to: Coast Guard Base Cape Cod, Coast Guard Tenant Commands, and Base Housing Residents.




Building 3424

Base Cape Cod, MA 02542

Recycling Center Information: (508) 968-6468 / (774) 994-1415


Code of Massachusetts Regulation 310 CMR 19.000 requires that ALL recyclable materials be diverted from general trash/construction and demolition activities and deposited within an appropriate recycling stream within a designated recycling area.


Bulk materials drop-offs for base residents are planned to be conducted during designated base-wide clean up events. These dates will be advertised in base notifications distributed by the USCG’s Local Area Housing Management Office to serve on-base USCG residents and staff only. Base residents are encouraged to dispose of household hazardous waste through collection events scheduled by the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension Program. Information on this program can be found by accessing the following website: If you have household hazardous waste that you need to coordinate disposal of prior to these scheduled weeks please contact Environmental Health and Safety's Recycling Center Manager at 508-968-6468 or 774-994-1415.

Download Recycling Center Flyer 


Hours of Operation

Tuesday/Thursday: 1130-1500 or by appointment - please contact EHS staff to schedule an appointment outside of regular hours of operation.

Note: The Recycling Center will be closed on all Federal Holidays.


Recyclable Items

Please report any Illegal Dumping to Environmental Health and Safety.
The Recycling Center accepts the following recyclable items that can be dropped off during hours of operation:

TIRES Please remove rims prior to drop-off.
ALL METAL Separate metal from other materials (plastic, wood, etc.) and use appropriate dumpsters for light and heavy metals. Aluminum cans are included.


Televisions, computers, monitors, microwaves, VCRs, etc.

( Note-if an item has a printed circuit board, please treat as E-Waste)

 BATTERIES & BULBS All unbroken light bulbs; batteries
CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION DEBRIS Bulk construction debris, furniture, etc.
 GENERAL TRASH Please segregate recyclables prior to any deposits contributed to this waste stream.


Resident self-serve cardboard recycling is available at the LeMay Street recycling point (adjacent to the former Lyle School).

NOTES: Deposit of items outside of the Recycling Center fence line is prohibited. Household recycling bins are available for issue. Please contact EHS with any questions or to make an appointment for recycling outside of hours of operation.


Your Feedback


We would like to hear from you. Please fill out our EHS Feedback Form and return to the EHS Office at the following address:


Base Cape Cod, USCG

Environmental Health and Safety

5215 E. Hospital Road, 2nd Floor

Buzzards Bay, MA 02542