Procurement and Contracting

Base Ketchikan's Procurement & Contracting (P&C) Department provides supplies, services, and minor construction contracting for its customers under direction and guidance from the Base Commanding Officer & the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC)-Base Support up to the current Simplified Acquisition Threshold of $250,000. P&C is responsible for the procurement of all goods and services for the Base command and for all units within the D17 AOR whose procurements exceed unit KO's authority.

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 0600 - 1600

Administration Building

Fax: (907) 228-0297

Duty SK: 1(888) 868-4108

Procurement & Contracting Dept. Head / Senior Field Contracting Officer (SFCO) 

(907) 228-0270

(Acting SFCO: CWO Gonzalez)   

Procurement & Contracting Division Chief / Contracting Officer (KO) / RST17 SE FOPC
CWO Victor Gonzalez
(907) 228-0366

Procurement Specialist / Contracting Officer (KO)
Mr. Robert Webb
(907) 228-0283

Procurement Specialist
Mr. Lance Hansen
(907) 228-0327

Contracting Specialist
SK1 Jamie Bridges
(907) 228-0323

Contracting Specialist
SK1 Brice Hastings
(907) 228-6463 

Procurement Specialist / MILSTRIP
SK3 Damiel Suarez
(907) 228-6462

Procurement Specialist / MILSTRIP
SK3 Isaac Castruita
(907) 228-0244

Procurement Specialist / MILSTRIP
SK3 Seth Mason
(907) 228-0341