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Base Alameda Uses the Health Promotion Manager at Base LA/LB. Please contact 310-521-6131.


Health Promotion is designed to educate and encourage all active duty, civilian personnel, and family members to maintain or improve their health and well-being by adopting healthy lifestyles. The elements of a healthy lifestyle include: physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and environmental wellness.

Health Promotion deals with behaviors that can be modified, including eating habits, physical activity, cardiovascular risk factors, stress management, and tobacco use. Improving behavior in these areas contributes to living a healthy, happy, and productive life both at work and at home! 

Coast Guard Health Promotion Program Elements:

  1. Nutrition and Weight Management
  2. Physical Fitness
  3. Tobacco Cessation
  4. Substance Abuse Prevention and Education
  5. Stress Management
  6. Wellness Assessments

The regional Health Promotion Manager (HPM) educates through training and education seminars, publications and newsletters, audiovisual media, and health screenings. The HPM helps all beneficiaries make voluntary behavior changes that reduce health risks, and improve quality of life.

The HPM also conducts comprehensive health and wellness assessments using the WELLSOURCE (c) Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) for all-hands, civilian employees, and family members. Twice a year we also conduct a two-day Fit & Well Seminar at both Coast Guard Island and TRACEN Petaluma that is open to all beneficiaries.


The following services can be arranged either with your unit Health Promotion Coordinator (HPC) or the HPM.

Personal Wellness Profile
A questionnaire designed to evaluate your lifestyle habits and provide recommendations to modify unhealthy behaviors. Health screenings- blood pressure, body fat composition, and cholesterol- and/or a physical fitness assessment can also be administered as a part of the PWP. For more information visit: Personal Wellness Profiles, Cholesterol Screenings.

Physical Activity & Fitness
Intended to provide education and evaluation of fitness status and skills to improve your health lifestyle. The Physical Fitness Program also provides guidance to members who must meet fitness requirements for qualification (i.e., boarding teams, small boat crewmen, rescue swimmers, boot camp recruits, OSC and the Academy). For more information visit: Physical Fitness Program website, and download Physical Activity and Fitness (.pdf) plan.

Provides information and assessment of healthy eating habits and the use of skills to improve your dietary intake. For more information visit: Weight Management Program.

Stress Management
Intended to provide you with tools to evaluate the status of your stress health and to increase the awareness, education, and intervention methods for successfully managing stress. For more information go to the website Stress Management, and also complete this short Stress Assessment (.pdf)

Tobacco Cessation
Intended to help you stop the use of tobacco products through awareness, education, and intervention. Timely intervention can result in the prevention of illness, disability, and death - of which tobacco use is the primary cause. For more information go to the website Tobacco Cessation; and also complete these short assessment forms: Why Do You Smoke? (.pdf) and Are You Ready to Quit? (.pdf)

Weight Management
Intended to assist you in gaining or losing weight in a safe and healthy manner through education and behavior change methods. In turn, active duty members can learn how to stay in compliance with the CG Weights standards. For more information go to the website Weight Management; and also calculate your BMI at Weight Policy Resource Guide. Download the Weight Management Self-Help Guide (.pdf).

Substance Abuse Awareness & Prevention
Intended to raise awareness about the health risks associated with alcohol and drug abuse. For more information go to the website Substance Abuse Prevention and Education. Are you concerned that you might have a problem with alcohol? The self-assessment: Do You Have a Drinking Problem? (.pdf) will provide you with more information.

Wellness Counseling
Personal counseling & guidance is available to you on the above programs from the regional HPM and/or your unit HPC.


Unit Health Promotion Coordinators
The collateral duty unit HPC is your primary local resource for information, programs, and guidance on wellness issues. This is the person you can interact with in person. The HPC can provide basic information, resources, and training; and coordinates health promotion activities at the local level. Most CG units have designated an HPC. To find out who the HPC is for your unit, contact your Yeoman, Executive Officer or call Work Life.

CG Health & Wellness Publications
The following are links to CG-specific Health Promotion publications:

Wellness Newsletters

The following are links to some of the most popular and reliable wellness newsletters. You may subscribe and then automatically receive the newsletter(s).

  • Work Life Staff Alameda Wellness Newsletters. A weekly newsletter distributed by the Health Promotion Manager. Includes short articles and information from a variety of sources on nutrition, weight management, fitness, and risk reduction. The HPM position is currently vacant and the newsletter is not available.
  • Food and Fitness Newsletter. A two page monthly newsletter covering one specific aspect of nutrition and fitness each issue. Published by TRICARE and distributed by the Health Promotion Manager. Once the HPM is hired, this newsletter should be available via email through the HPM.
  • The Mayo Clinic Newsletter. From one of the most respected and best-known medical centers in the country is the Mayo Clinic's free, weekly e-newsletter providing the latest health information. To obtain more information and subscribe to Mayo Clinic Newsletter.
  • UC Berkeley Wellness Newsletter. Published by the University of California School of Public Health. To obtain more information and subscribe visit UC Berkeley Wellness.
  • Harvard University Health Newsletter. A major source of health information including online newsletters and numerous publications from Harvard Medical School. To obtain more information and subscribe visit the Harvard University Health Newsletters.

Resources for Unit Health Promotion Coordinators

Unit HPC’s may obtain information, materials, and guidance for unit program planning from the Health Promotion Manager. Contact information is located in the box above.

The following is a list of some of the most frequently requested materials:

Contact Information

(No Health Promotion Manager at Coast Guard Island)

Health Promotion Manager