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Environmental Management Branch (EMB)



The Environmental Management Branch supports all other programs within CEU Oakland as well as CG field units through the following:

  • Environmental review and permit coordination for all construction and maintenance actions.  Environmental reviewers consult with regulatory agencies regarding endangered species, historic buildings, water quality protection, and coastal planning; and advise project designers on how to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Environmental compliance and restoration.  EMB staff manage projects to clean up contamination, such as fuel spills or lead-contaminated soil, lead-based paint or asbestos abatement.  This could include removing contaminated soils from around a historic lighthouse so it can be transferred to private ownership, or addressing contaminated sediment beneath a Coast Guard pier.
  • Direct Field Unit Support. EMB staff support compliance with USCG policy and environmental regulations (federal, state, and local) at USCG sectors, bases, stations, and field offices.  This involves developing storm-water plans, spill prevention plans, and air quality permits; and assisting the units with hazardous waste/materials tracking and management.