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CEU Oakland’s Planning and Real Property (PLRP) Division supports the owned shore infrastructure and leased facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Guam, and Alaska.  We work closely with CEU Honolulu and CEU Juneau as well as the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Command (SILC) and the Office of Civil Engineering (CG-43).

Our Facilities Planners complete feasibility studies and congressional budget ready planning documentation for major shore infrastructure projects in support of the Coast Guard’s Capital Improvement Plan (PC&I) and Major Acquisition (MASI) programs.  Robust alternatives analysis through use of the DD1391 form the heart of planning. 

Our Real Property Specialists acquire, manage and divest Coast Guard owned and leased assets (buildings, lands, and structures) though documentation and contract actions including leases, permits, licenses and easement.  These contracts actions include ingrants (CG uses someone else property) and outgrants (others use CG property).  The Real Property Accountability specialist manages real property inventory compliance.