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Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) - Pacific Executive Leaders Program

About the Course

Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), in partnership with other entities in the Pacific region, has developed the Pacific Executive Leaders Program (Pacific ELP), a graduate-level education curriculum, to address specific challenges facing officials in these unique areas. The Pacific Executive Leaders Program consists of an intensive one-week in residence session at the University of Hawaii campus in Hilo.  The course is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of participants and does not require the workload of a traditional graduate-level course.
CHDS programs are part of the DHS Academic Programs that provide its employees degrees and/or professional development opportunities for Coast Guard civilians and military at Department of Defense Senior Service Schools and other academic institutions. Application periods vary, and programs are added throughout the year.

Training Objectives

This course is designed for mid- and senior-level homeland security professionals as an opportunity to cultivate the background and critical thinking skills needed to address emerging regional security issues, public policy debates, terrorist threats and best practices in homeland security including:

  • Geographic isolation from the continental U.S. and other entities
  • Predisposition to various types of natural disasters
  • Port security and safety concerns
  • Proximity to mainland Asia and its geopolitical influences


Tuition, fees, and travel are funded through a grant from FEMA. Participants will be required to sign a Continuing Service Agreement if selected to participate in GAP. The service obligation for CHDS is 24 months.


There is no degree requirement for this program.


University of Hawaii campus in Hilo.



Eligibility Requirements

Federal employees who have been with DHS for at least one year are eligible to apply. Federal employees who have been with DHS for at least 1 (one) year at the time the application is due are eligible to apply. Employees must have achieved at least a “Meets Expectations” or equivalent on their most recent review, and must be in good standing.

Applicants must be an O4-O6/GS-12 through SES and must be stationed in the Alaska, Guam or Hawaii region.

Application Procedures

PELP Application Procedures for both Civilians and Military: A single application to CHDS is required. Applications and deadlines are located on the CHDS PELP website and are submitted via the website,

Once you submit your application, please send an email to the CG POC for tracking purposes. Include only your name, program name, and dates for which you applied at


Selection Process

All nominations will be prescreened based on the eligibility requirements listed in the criteria and forwarded to DHS for concurrence. Nomination by DHS does not guarantee selection for the program. CHDS will review all applications submitted and will make final selections based upon the school's acceptance criteria into the program.

Program Manager

Ms. Alyssa Lombardi at

Additional Information

DHS Academic Programs (Accessible only through Coast Guard workstations)