Provides: on-line access to information in the DEERS database

Over 900 RAPIDS sites in 23 different countries use DEERS data to provide ID cards or related personnel support to eligible persons.

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Controls: Access to military health care for service members and their dependents.
Oversees: The issue of service member and family member medical access cards. These are the same as the military identification (ID) cards issued to each retiree and dependents, including spouses.

Coast Guard data is contained in the DEERS system.

DEERS maintains personnel and benefits information for:
  • Active, retired, and reserve uniformed service personnel
  • Eligible family members of active, retired, and reserve uniformed service personnel
  • DoD civil service personnel
  • DoD contractors requiring logical access

Responsible for: Producing DoD ID Cards (RAPIDS and Common Access Cards)
Supports: Benefit delivery including medical, dental, educational, & life insurance
Enables: DoD ebusiness, including identity management, and reduces fraud and abuse of government.
Current and valid DEERS issued ID cards are required to access health care and other military benefits.

ID Card Key Notes:
  • Military retirees’ ID cards with an expiration date (Retirees 65th birthday).  The retiree should get a new ID card at age 65, or when enrolling in Medicare Part B. The card will be modified to indicate that civilian health coverage can be continued beyond age 65. 
  • Military spouses & eligible family members must renew their ID cards every four years.
  • Spouses that reach age 75 will be issued a permanent ID card.
  • Spouses or other dependents that reach age 65 or otherwise become entitled to Medicare should get a new ID card.
  • Surviving spouses must get a new ID card soon after the death of their military sponsor.