Coast Guard National Retiree Council (CGNRC)


  RADM Meredith Austin, 
  USCG (Ret)
         2023 - 2026


  MCPO Lloyd Pierce,
  USCG (Ret)
     2020 - 2024

About the Coast Guard National Retiree Council (CGNRC)

The Coast Guard National Retiree Council (CGNRC) was chartered in 1982.

Represents: their respective Coast Guard military retiree communities and informs appropriate Coast Guard leadership regarding retiree issues.

Meet: annually to prepare and submit an annual report to the Commandant through his executive agent.

Annual report: may include information regarding the effectiveness of the Retiree Services Program and improvements to retirement transition, pay, benefits, privileges, veterans’ affairs, retiree quality of life, and other Coast Guard military retiree community matters.

Since August of 2013: the CGNRC annual meeting are in Washington, DC.

Purpose: of the meeting was to discuss the new retiree services instruction 1800.5G.
Recommendations: were offered by the following three standing CGNRC Committees:

  • Benefits and Entitlements Committee
  • Outreach and Volunteer Services Committee
  • USCG Unique Retiree Services and Program Committee

Briefed By: Coast Guard Internal and external staff and organizations, which generally related to their roles in the new CG Retiree Services Program.

            Next annual CGNRC meeting: 28 & 29 April 2020 at CGHQ.

For more information about the CACGRC, or to get our electronic Newsletter, please email one of the Co-Chairs listed below.

Regional Retiree Councils