About Regional Retiree Councils (RRCs)

The Coast Guard has 18 Regional Retiree Councils located throughout the United States.

The CGNRC and Regional Retiree Councils (RRCs) have responsibility to maintain a bridge between the CG active service and military retiree family. The following are among the responsibilities of RRCs:

  • Serve as a communication link between the supported military retiree community and sponsoring regional active duty commands. Sponsoring commands should provide access to the necessary resources to support this communication link.
  • Provide information to the supported military retiree community that includes, but is not limited to communicating retiree program news, disseminating information from the appropriate resource office on active duty service activities, events of interest to retirees, updates and changes pertaining to retiree benefits and services.
  • Operate a National Retiree Help Desk (NRHD) to respond to inquiries from the world-wide Coast Guard military retiree community, “connecting” individuals with needed retiree services information and resources.

Active Duty Retiree Services Coordinators at Bases/TRACENs sponsoring chartered RRCs will:

  • Coordinate the routine operation/support of RRC volunteers as described in CI 1800.5H, including close interaction and coordination with local and enterprise-wide stakeholders.
  • Arrange for RRC Co-Chairs to meet with the command cadre regularly and other unit representatives, as appropriate.
  • Communicate relevant activities, outreach, and volunteer opportunities with the chartered RRC Co-Chairs. Participation in RRC meetings is highly recommended.
  • Work with RRCs in consolidating feedback and forward via the sponsoring command to CG-13 for review at the annual CGNRC meeting. 

RRC Councils