BACKGROUND: In 2006, members of the Capital Area CG Retiree Council (CACGRC) established the Coast Guard National Retiree Help Desk (CG NRHD). It was designed from the outset to provide a 24/7 “hotline” where CG military retirees and their families, annuitants, and survivors can receive help in getting needed information, assistance, and referral services – for any area of concern. While many retirees are self-sufficient and already know the answers to questions brought to the CG NRHD, many of our retirees, family members, annuitants, and survivors have been away from the CG for a long time and have no idea where to go for information on issues that are extremely important to them – for whom the CG NHRD provides a critically needed service.  Since its establishment, CG NRHD volunteers have “stood the watch,” responding to thousands of inquiries from the CG military retiree community, located throughout the world. Volunteers stand a 7-Day virtual watch, regularly monitoring and responding to CG NRHD 1-800/G-Mail messages. Watch-standers are not subject matter experts nor should they offer personal opinions. Their role is to help “connect” people with needed information and resources.

CURRENT STATE: The CG NRHD has been formalized as a principle element of the CG Retiree Services Program, COMDTINST 1800.5H.   The CG NRHD is still administered and operated by the CACGRC, now reporting to the CG Retiree Services Program Director (CG-13).  Mr. Robert Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program Manager, oversees CG NRHD operations in partnership with the CG NRHD – and also serves as a regular watch-stander.  

The National Retiree Help Desk (NRHD) Hotline is available to assist and / or to answer any questions that a retiree or a retiree spouse has regarding benefits (other than those relating to pay), health care issues, assistance in obtaining important forms and/or papers, etc. The NRHD can be contacted by phone or e-mail:

  • The phone numbers are 833-224-6743, (833-2CG-NRHD) or 1-202-475-5381.
  • The e-mail address is

SEE: CG National Retiree Help Desk - Personally Identifiable Information

Questions concerning pay should be directed to the Pay & Personnel Center's Retiree and Annuitant Services (PPC (RAS)) Branch in lieu of the National Retiree Help Desk. PPC contact information can be found below.

The CG NRHD has received G-Mail sent to containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The contents of this G-Mail, including PII, may have been compromised and subject to credit fraud and/or other types of fraud and abuse. PII includes: Name, email, home address, phone number. Sensitive PII (SPII) includes:

If Stand-Alone: If Paired With Another Identifier: 
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License or State ID #
  • Passport Number
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Financial Account Number
  • Biometric Identifiers
  • Citizenship or Immigration Status
  • Medical Information (e.g. VA Disability Rating %)
  • Ethnic or Religious Affiliation
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Account Passwords
  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Criminal History
  • Mother’s Maiden Name

If you must communicate PII/SPII to the NRHD, it is best to communicate by phone, leaving a Voice-Mail at 202-275-5381. If you need to send PII/SPII using G-Mail to, you MUST save PII/SPII in a password protected PDF file and send as an attachment. The password should be sent in the text of a separate G-Mail. The above information and instructions on creating a password protected PDF file are accessible at:

Please also seeCyber Month: Emails containing personally identifiable information on the Coast Guard All Hands Blog Archive”. Those with questions/concerns concerning this notice may contact Bob Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program Manager, by phone (work) 202-475-5451, (cell) 410-627-3039 or e-mail at


Bob Hinds, MS, PMP
Retiree Services Program Manager
USCG Commandant (CG-1335)

Mailing address:

Commanding Officer (RAS)
U.S. Coast Guard 
Pay & Personnel Center
444 S. E. Quincy St.
Topeka, KS 66683-3591


(866) 772-8724
(785) 339-2200


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