CG Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships range from $2,500 to 5,000 dollars per year and may be awarded for one year.


Purpose of Program
The Scholarship Program provides information and resources on financial assistance to members of Team Coast Guard.

Who is Eligible?
The Scholarship Program is available to the following members of Team Coast Guard:

  • Active Duty, Reserve, Retirees and their dependents
  • Civil Service employees
  • Exchange System and MWR employees
The most convenient way to view your Retiree / Annuitant Payslip and manage your account is through Global Pay Self Service, the online account management system. Global Pay Self Service provides faster service, security, accessibility, and reliability to all PPC (RAS) customers worldwide.

With Global Pay Self Service you can:
  • View, print or save your Pay Slip and IRS Form 1099R.
  • Start, stop or change allotments.
  • Change your mailing address, e-mail address and phone number.
  • Make changes to your direct deposit information.
  • Update your federal and/or state income tax withholding.
  • Elect to discontinue receiving Pay Slips and/or the Retiree Newsletter by mail.

Please visit the Global Pay information page for information for the first time user, forgotten password assistance and user guides.
Mutual Assistance
Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) is the official relief society of the U.S. Coast Guard. CGMA is a non-profit charitable organization established to provide financial aid to the entire Coast Guard family. Its mission is to promote the financial stability and general well being of Coast Guard members through interest-free loans, grants, and financial counseling.
Coast Guard Scholarship Program
The Coast Guard Scholarship Program provides information and resources on financial assistance to members of Team Coast Guard.
Coast Guard Exchange
The mission of the Coast Guard Exchange is to provide quality merchandise and services of necessity and convenience to our Coast Guard men and women as well as authorized patrons at competitive prices.
Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR)
The mission of the Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation (MWR) Program is to uplift the spirits of the Coast Guard Family and be an essential element of Coast Guard readiness and retention through customer-owned and driven MWR programs and services.

Coast Guard Recreational Lodging facilities are open to all authorized MWR patrons. Active duty military members and their family have first priority.




When you turn 65, your medical benefits will change.


  • MEDICARE will become your primary medical coverage and TRICARE pays secondary to MEDICARE.
  • You MUST enroll in MEDICARE PART B to retain your TRICARE coverage.
  • If you are within 90 days of your 65th birthday, you should log on to or to enroll in MEDICARE PART B.

Additional information can be found on the TRICARE web site at or by telephone at: 1-866-773-0404.

You may also call the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) at 800-538-9552.

Keep up with changes to TRICARE by visiting