Firearms & Weapons


  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has strict laws which govern the possession and use of firearms and weapons, violators are subject to fines ranging from $500-$10,000 and/or imprisonment of not less than one year to no more than ten years. Any inbound personnel shall contact the ASCC Security Manager for advice on the application process 6 months PRIOR to departing their current unit.
  • A two-year temporary permit for out-of-state armed forces personnel serving in Massachusetts must be obtained by making application ( ) within 30 days of arrival.
  • Please complete this Firearms Application Form ( ) and take it to your local licensing authority (Local Police Department) for processing. Note that wait times can take up to 6 months to process.
  • Do NOT mail to The Firearms Record Bureau.
  • Cost of the permit is $100.00 (two-year license) and the application requires the CO's signature.

Transporting Weapons

  • Weapons may be shipped with household goods via an authorized interstate/common carrier, follow specific guidelines for you carrier on shipping weapons in household goods.
  • If transported in your vehicle they must be stowed in the trunk, unloaded, and separated from ammunition sources in a locked case and serial numbers must be annotated on your official transfer orders.

Base Rules and Regulations

  • On base, weapons may only be in your vehicle while being transported for legitimate reasons (i.e. enroute hunting or target range), pending you possess a valid Massachusetts-issued License To Carry (LTC) Permit.
  • If not in possession of a valid Massachusetts-issued License To Carry (LTC) Permit, weapons shall be kept in the FORCECOM Armory under their established Privately Owned Weapons Program. Arrangements for stowage can be made by contacting the ASCC Security Manager at 508-968-6386.

Massachusetts State Office of Public Safety and Security, Firearms Registration & Laws website: