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USCG Base Kodiak Rockmore-King Clinic


Clinic Phone Number: (907) 487-5757

Clinic Hours


M, T,W, TH, F


Scheduled Appointments

0800-1200 & 1300-1600

1300-1600 Urgent Care Only

Closed Holidays and Weekends

Duty Corpsman

(907) 209-5584

Nurse Advise Line



1-855-CG-SUPRT (247-8778)


Emergency Services: Dial 911 Base Police Department 907-487-5555

Rockmore-King Clinic Services Offered Below:

Welcome Aboard- Welcome to Kodiak Island and the Rockmore-King Clinic. Clinic Welcome aboard information can be found here.

Check-In/Out Process at the clinic: Check-Ins- From the June through August Clinic Check-ins occur on Tuesday mornings at 0900 and Thursday afternoons at 1330. If reporting aboard not within that time-frame check in with the Medical front desk. It is important to bring your health record for a health record review and scheduling of any necessary appointments (PHA, Dental Exam, initial Up-Chit, etc.).

Check-Outs- PCS departing personnel need to insure that they inform Base Kodiak Clinic of their departure and destination so that the health record can be hand carried or forwarded accordingly. If you are separating or retiring from the service and desire to make copies of your health record please coordinate with the Clinic Supervisor, HSC Potratz, for a time that works for the Clinic and member. We are not staffed to make copies of each departing member’s health record.

After Hours Urgent Care: If you have an emergency go to the nearest emergency room and/or call 911 to obtain Emergency Services.  As soon as possible, contact Rockmore King Clinic or have someone contact the Clinic on your behalf to advise your Primary Care Manager of your status. (907) 209-5584  

A medical emergency is defined as care necessary when the patient's conditions is such that failure to provide treatment or hospitalization would result in undue suffering or endanger life, limb, or eyesight.

Active Duty Emergency Room Visit Follow-Up Policy: Active duty personnel that are seen at the local urgent care or emergency room must follow-up with their Primary Care Manager on the next business day following discharge from the Hospital ER or sooner as the circumstances dictate. This is to ensure that your doctor is kept current on your health care needs and can take appropriate action on any recommendations made by the ER physician.

Urgent or Acute Care: We provide same day appointments for those needing urgent or acute care.  We do not hold sick call.  Patients may walk in and be seen on a first-come, first seen basis as providers become available around scheduled appointments. 

Urgent care is defined as care to alleviate other than routine medical conditions which are not life threatening and of an acute nature of less than one week in duration.

Routine Care: All active duty CG personnel stationed on Kodiak Island must have routine care orchestrated by Base Kodiak Clinic. Please call (907) 487-5757 for an appointment.

Routine care is neither emergent nor urgent, including medical and dental examinations, diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures provided to maintain fitness for duty.

Pharmacy Services:

For active duty members, the RKC pharmacy fills prescriptions subject to Tricare limits and local stocking on the approved formulary. Additionally, prescriptions pharmacy services are available through the TRICARE Mail Order Program as well as TRICARE network pharmacies. If you get a prescription from the clinic, we can help you determine what option is best for you.

Over-the-counter medication services are available. Each family is permitted 2 items per week; a list of over-the-counter medications can be obtained at the clinic.

TRICARE Mail Order Program: The mail order pharmacy program, offered by TRICARE, is the least expensive option for retirees or dependents. Medications will be delivered directly to your home free of shipping charges. Refills can be ordered via phone, online, or by mail. To enroll in TMOP call 877-363-1303 or visit Beneficiaries with other insurance are not eligible for TMOP.

Retail Pharmacy: For members who are TRICARE Prime or Prime Remote, prescriptions can be filled at a network pharmacy in town.

Dental Care:  Active duty Coast Guard personnel are entitled to emergency, routine, and accessory dental treatment at all Military Treatment Facilities.  Dental care from civilian dentists requires preauthorization from HSWL SC.  Emergency dental treatment required for the immediate relief of pain or infection should be coordinated by Rockmore King Clinic’s Dental Duty Officer. To coordinate emergency care afterhours contact the Clinic watch-stander at (907) 209-5584.

Base Kodiak Dental Clinic is staffed by two Dental Officers and a contracted Oral Hygienists.

Active duty Coast Guard personnel are required to obtain an annual dental exam.  To schedule a dental exam or a cleaning call (907) 487-5757. If you are a reserve or active duty member who receives dental care from a civilian dentist, print out the Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Exam DD Form 2813. Take the form to the civilian dentist with you and ask the dentist to fill out the form.  When completed fax the form to the Base Kodiak Clinic Administrator at (907) 487-5360.

Clinic Complaint/Concern process: Our goal is to ensure every patient seeking service is satisfied with the care and service that they receive. The Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities provides a mechanism to initiate, review and resolve problems experienced by patients. Patients experiencing problems at the Rockmore-King Clinic should first contact the Clinic Supervisor. Unresolved matters should be addressed first to the Clinic Administrator then to the Regional Manager. Please call 907-487-5757 to schedule an appointment to talk to the Clinic Supervisor.

What to do if you've received a bill: For TRICARE related concerns or questions contact United Healthcare (UHC) Military West at 1-877-988-9378.

Additionally, please be aware that incorrect DEERS information may cause delays in receiving referrals and may cause claims to be processed improperly resulting in your dependents being charged for covered medical benefits. To avoid these problems, update your address and dependent information upon reporting aboard AND with any subsequent changes at:

MyTricare: Signing up on is a quick and easy way to find providers, monitor referrals, authorizations, and access to your Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

Patient Advisory Committee (PAC): PAC meetings are held quarterly to provide open communication between the Coast Guard "Medical Command" in Alaska (HSWL Regional Practice District 17 - which includes the Kodiak, Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan CG clinics) and CG units in Alaska and CG DEERS eligible healthcare recipients in Alaska. Participation in these meetings is highly recommended. Contact your supporting Coast Guard Clinic to inquire about the next PAC meeting.