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Base Kodiak - Rock Solid Support

USCG Base Kodiak Comptroller & Base Operations

The Comptroller/Base Operations Department is responsible for the financial management, physical security, food services, warehouse operations, port services,

The Comptroller/Base Operations Department Head serves as the principal fiscal policy, budget, and funds execution advisor to the Base Kodiak Command and other Departments.

The Personnel Department consists of the following divisions:

Finance & Accounting - Maintains and reconciles, BASE Kodiak and other tenant units’ program element accounts, prepares financial reports, and executes the BASE Kodiak DOL and SILC budgets.

Logistics - Manages the D17 AOR general purpose property and real property, motor vehicle fleet, freight transportation. Also operates the Base Kodiak shipping and receiving & mail.

Port Services - Manages logistics for all D17, PACAREA, NOAA and DOD cutters for Western Aleutian and Arctic Alaska ports along with Base Port operations.

Galley - Operates the Base Dining Facility and maintains the food services operational reports.

Security - Oversees Base Kodiak 24/7 Coast Guard Police Department, and gate guard contract. Manages and enforces policies and procedures for 27,500 acres of property and 400 housing units along with vehicle access, parking, and traffic at Base Kodiak.