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Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

Congratulations on your new PCS orders!

Please go to to create a DPS account. Account creation can take up to 72 hours, so please plan accordingly.

Prior to making an appointment, enter your HHG or PPM move into DPS.  

After entering your move into DPS, your application is NOT complete, you MUST contact the Transportation office to schedule a counseling appointment.

***A SIGNED copy of your PCS orders is required to complete your application.*** 

For your appointment - Please bring a copy of your SIGNED PCS orders, POV Package and vehicle registration (If shipping a vehicle), and Firearm information (MUST have the serial #'s, make, model, year, and caliber).

Personally Procured Move

If you are planning on performing a PPM or partial PPM (including mailed) you MUST have a DD-2278 which is created in the DPS system. 

A separate move will need to be created under your order in DPS. This step is required. The Coast Guard will NOT reimburse you for a PPM if you do not have a DD-2278 signed by a transportation counselor. 

You MUST weigh your vehicle empty and full at point of origin or destination or a combination of both. A list of weigh stations in Kodiak is attached.

PPM reimbursement claims can be completed with your local Admin.

PPM w/ Trailer

If you are performing a PPM using a trailer or a boat, you will need to weigh your boat or trailer both empty and full ATTACHED to your truck. You are not reimbursed for the weight of your truck/trailer but the weight inside of the truck and trailer or truck and boat.

*** The CG does NOT pay for your trailer on the ferry, The CG ONLY pays for your accompanied vehicle***

NTS (Non-Temp Storage)

Release from NTS must be requested in DPS.

We will assist you in requesting a NTS release from Kodiak, AK to your new PDS or locally.

If you are requesting a release from a previous PDS to Kodiak, please request that release from the originating office.

Do NOT schedule a release from NTS, unless you have a new permanent address. NTS cannot be authorized additional storage upon arrival.

Shipping POV 

We process all POV shipment requests from Kodiak, AK to your next PDS. Please bring a copy of your registration to your appointment.

If you are shipping from a previous PDS to Kodiak, AK, please visit for more information.

Contact Transportation
(907)487-5170 ext. 6658, 6661, 6663, 6650



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