Coast Guard Fire Department - Base Kodiak

US Coast Guard Base Kodiak Fire Department

If this is an emergency, dial 911

Coast Guard Base Kodiak Fire And Rescue Department operates from a single firehouse that opened on March 30. 1993.  The facility is approximately 16,500 square feet total and is located just off the State of Alaska airport.

There is an extinguisher maintenance facility located within the station for maintenance of all types of First Aid fire appliances.  Within the facility, the station also has a cascade system installed for breathing air cylinder filling.

Continuous modification and functional improvement of all apparatus and equipment is considered of prime importance to assure that our firefighters and the people and property they protect receive optimum benefits from the latest suggestions, developments and available technology.

CGFD Kodiak in Action

The Base Kodiak Fire Department is designed and equipped for complete aircraft rescue and structural fire response. The department also has Basic Life Support (BLS) and Intermediate Life Support (ILS) emergency response personnel.

USCG Fire Department - Base Kodiak