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Chief Petty Officers Association - Team Kodiak

The Chief Petty Officers Association (CPOA) is organized to "encourage fidelity, integrity to the Service, and better understanding and fellowship, and to advance the best interests of the enlisted personnel of the Coast Guard, especially of those associated as members of this organization, and to extend all possible relief to their widows and children; to foster the cultivation of military discipline and true allegiance to the United States of America...."
•the traditions, duties and purpose of the United States Coast Guard,

The United States Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association is unique among service organizations in that it was created by the Chiefs, of the Chiefs, and for the Chiefs of the United States Coast Guard.

Ever mindful of:

  • our duty to uphold and defend the constitution on the United States of America,
  • our responsibility to assist and save distressed seamen and others,
  • our responsibility in the enforcement of the laws of our Country, and in believing that through association and mutual acquaintance, the Chief Petty Officers of the United States Coast Guard may:
    • best advance their professional abilities,
    • enhance their value, loyalty and devotion to God, Country and service in which they serve,
    • promote its unity and morale domestically and militarily through responsible leadership,
    • assist members and dependents in urgent need of assistance,
    • assist in recruiting for the Coast Guard,
    • support the aims and goals of the CPO Academy,
  • assemble for social amenities,
  • become involved in community affairs,
  • promote social programs for those in need,
  • keep informed of Coast Guard matters. our duty is to uphold and defend the constitution on the United States of America,


 To request the rental of the Buskin Beach House, please call (321) 652-2261 and leave a message.

 Rental information for Holiday Beach, coming soon.

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