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Base Kodiak - Rock Solid Support

USCG Facilities Engineering Department

The Facilities Engineering Department consists of three divisions:

Public Works Division Provides organizational and intermediate level maintenance for the buildings and facilities of Base Kodiak. Coordinates with collocated units to conduct routine facility inspections and facility condition assessments and documents facility deficiencies. Ensures maximum visibility and management of all real property assets and equipment.

Environmental Management Division- Ensures facility-wide environmental stewardship through compliance with federal, state, and local regulations through Environmental Management System (EMS); makes required reports to the EPA and state/local jurisdictions. Monitors and manages remediation, land use control implementation plans, and research activities at contaminated sites located on Base Kodiak. Provides hazardous materials services for the Base and collocated units, including operation/administration of a centralized Distribution Center for hazardous materials, storage and supply. Provides hazardous waste accumulation services for containment and disposal of hazardous waste from tenants and visitors.

Fire Safety Division - Provides fire protection and prevention services for Base Kodiak. Ensures capability for Airfield Rescue Fire-Fighting (ARFF) in addition to shipboard, structural and wild-land firefighting.

Base Kodiak Facilities Engineering is located in building N-38, and our main number is 907-487-5320.

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