USCG Base Kodiak Personnel Support Division Casualty & Decedent Affairs


Base Kodiak Personnel Services Department, with assistance from PSC-PSD, provides casualty, decedent affairs, and burial assistance for veterans and retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces in the State of Alaska.

Funeral Honors: The Coast Guard will make every attempt to provide a funeral detail when requested for the funeral service of a deceased veteran within the State of Alaska. You can provide the location, date, and time of funeral by filling out the Military Funeral Honors request form and e-mailing the form with a copy of the DD-214 to the Decedent Affairs Officer at (** Remember to password protect and send SEPCOR any Personally Identifiable Information send via a non .mil e-mail account **).  At least 96 working hours advance notice is necessary to try and accommodate your needs. Click here for Military Funeral Honors Request Form (PDF format).

Bugler/Firing Party: The Coast Guard has a bugler but no firing party. If you desire a firing party for a funeral you may wish to contact the VFW Liaison, Ray Stobinski, at 907-487-5320 x6677. The Public Affairs office at Base Kodiak is 907-487-5700. If the Coast Guard bugler is not available to play TAPS, the funeral detail uses a sound system with TAPS CD. If you would like this service, please contact the Color Guard Coordinator at 907-487-5170 x6636, or email


Chaplain: A Coast Guard Chaplain may also be able to attend a funeral service if desired. If you would like a Chaplain present, please contact the Chaplain directly at 907-487-5730 ext. 4.

Burial Benefits: The Coast Guard does not make any payments to veterans. Some survivors may be eligible for funeral benefits. You should contact the Veteran’s Administration at 1-800-827-1000 if you have any questions about payments.

Funeral Flag: The Veteran's Administration provides a U.S. flag for all veterans and retired active duty members for the funeral service. Your funeral director can usually obtain this flag. Simply notify the director that the deceased was a veteran and that you would like a flag to be provided at the funeral service. If the funeral director does not provide assistance, you can submit a form to your local post office or Veteran’s Administration Office with a request. The form (VA Form 27-2008) can be accessed at the Veteran's Administration Website. You will also need to submit a copy of the veteran’s discharge or retirement papers.

Memorial Certificates: Presidential Memorial Certificates, bearing the President's signature, are issued to recognize honorably discharged deceased veterans. Next of kin and other loved one's are eligible to receive certificates. The award of a certificate to one eligible recipient does not preclude certificates to other eligible recipients. The veteran may have died at any time. Requests for certificates should include a copy of the deceased veteran's discharge document, form DD214. VA regional offices can assist in applying for certificates.

Burial at Sea

Individuals eligible for this program are:

  1. Active duty members of the uniformed service;
  2. Retirees and veterans who were honorably discharged;
  3. U.S. civilian marine personnel of the military sealift command; and
  4. Dependent family members of active duty personnel, retirees, and veterans of the uniformed services.

A person cannot request a burial at sea from the Coast Guard prior to death. The person authorized to dispose of the remains must make the request (usually the next of kin). Anyone who thinks he/she would like to be buried at sea should make sure the next of kin is aware of the desire, and may want to have the desire recorded in a will. FOR MERCHANT MARINES THAT SERVED IN WWII, PLEASE CONTACT THE DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY FOR BURIAL AT SEA INFORMATION.

To request burial at sea, the next of kin should send the below items via traceable/signature receipt requested postal service:

  1. Photocopy of DD214
  2. Retirement certificate or honorable discharge certificate
  3. Photocopy of Death Certificate Application and permit for disposal of human remains
  4. Marriage certificate (if for deceased spouse)
  5. Birth certificate (if deceased is a child of a military member)
  6. Burial at Sea Program Request Authorization Form (original signature is required)
  7. Cremated remains

Send package to:

Commanding Officer (pp)
USCG Base Kodiak
P.O. Box 195000
Kodiak, AK 99619
Attn: Decedent Affairs Officer

Once the burial is complete, you will receive documentation that gives the date and time or the ceremony along with the location of the burial in latitude/longitude.