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Base Kodiak - Rock Solid Support

US Base Kodiak Personnel Support

The Personnel Department consists of the following divisions:

  • Personnel Services Division (PSD)
    The Personnel Services Branch provides a variety of services including issuance of ID cards, DEERS enrollment/update, Mass Transit Subsidy Program, Educational Services, Career Development Advisor, Overseas entry approval, CG Mutual Assistance, Travel Charge Card, Temporary Lodging Allowance, Transportation, and Shipment of Household Goods/Privately Owned Vehicles. They are also responsible for management of ADSGN/TDY and transient personnel.

  • Servicing Personnel Division (SPO)
    The Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) branch maintains and updates personnel data records, Decedent Affairs/ CACO Support as well as investigating and resolving personnel and pay issues for various assigned commands in the Fourteenth District.

  • Housing Branch
    The Housing Branch is responsible for managing all facets of Coast Guard housing in the Fourteenth District area of responsibility including government owned and leased housing. Housing serves as the customer service "front desk" for all REPFAC and Flag Quarters, and will assist the residents with any issues they may encounter while occupying their home. In most cases, they will coordinate with other service providers to provide necessary service; i.e., Facility Maintenance, which will be directed to the local Facility Engineering Office. They also brief, plan, execute, and maintain a housing referral program within the AOR.
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  • Morale, Well-Being, and Recreation Division (MWR)
    The MWR Branch provides MWR support to locally assigned commands and staffs and manages the MWR facilities on Base Honolulu including a consolidated service club, gym facility, swimming pool, tennis courts and athletic fields. They also oversee MWR functions for the benefit of all authorized users.
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  • Transportation Division
    Household goods delivery and pickup and POV (personal vehicle) shipment.
    Contact the Transportation Division at (907)487-5170 x 2182, 2185, 2188, or 2158
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