Employee Assistance Program Coordinator

New Orleans:     Office:  504-253-4711

Houston:             Office:  281-464-4808


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) staff provides information and referrals for counseling; critical incident stress management; suicide prevention services; and training.  They will assist in finding resources outside the CG system, if needed.  They serve as a resource for Coast Guard families as well as Commands.  Their Areas of Responsibility include:


Suicide Prevention

To arrange annual mandatory suicide prevention training, please contact the EAPC or Chaplain.

In case of any threat or gesture exhibited by a member indicating they may be at risk for self-harm, assign an individual to accompany the member at all times, obtain professional screening at the nearest medical facility or by a physician and contact the EAPC. If there is an immediate threat, contact 911 for assistance. For general information regarding issues of suicide prevention, please contact the EAPC.


Violence in the Workplace

To arrange for Annual Violence in the Workplace Prevention training, please contact the EAPC.

If there is an immediate threat of violence in the workplace, call 911 and base security. If there is a concern about a potentially violent workplace situation, contact the EAPC and if the Command deems it necessary the EAPC will call together the Threat Assessment Team.


Critical Incident Stress Management


A critical incident is any event of such emotional significance that it may overwhelm a person’s or groups ability to cope. CISM is a team approach to promote a return to work for impacted personnel. For assistance with stress management following a critical incident, contact the EAPC.


CG Support Program


The CG SUPRT programs offers value-added life-balance support that is seamlessly integrated into a suite of a services. This integration enables Coast Guard members, civilian employees, and their dependents to access important resources and expertise that helps them balance work and life issues. Additionally, CG SUPRT provides up to twelve sessions of counseling from a local provider. Detailed information is available on the web at CGSUPRT or through a 24/7 hotline. For confidential resources and services, call: 855-CGSUPRT (855-247-8778).