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Office of Work-Life Programs : Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Pre-separation Counseling

Pre-separation counseling is a mandatory prerequisite to attending TAP GPS. Pre-separation is required by Law for all service members. Service members begin the final TAP process between 12 and 24 months but no later than 90 days prior to separation. The process starts with a review and completion of the "Pre-Separation/Transition Counseling and Career Readiness Standards eForm", which provides an overview of the programs and services available during their transition.

The following steps shall be taken by the separating or retiring Coast Guard Members for Pre-separation Counseling:

  1. Service member informs command of intention for separation or retirement.
  2. Service member is directed to contact the designated Pre-separation Counselor in order to receive the Pre-separation Briefing and complete form using DD Form 2648 - Service Member Pre-Separation/Transition Counseling and Career Readiness Standards eForm for Service Members Separating, Retiring, Released from Active Duty (REFRAD).
  3. Upon counseling and completion of DD2648, the Service Member ensures one copy is placed at servicing SPO/PERSRU office for permanent file maintains a copy for their personal record, and verifies completion to Transition/Relocation Manager (TRM).