The CG NRHD has received G-Mail sent to containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). The contents of this G-Mail, including PII, may have been compromised and subject to credit fraud and/or other types of fraud and abuse. PII includes: Name, email, home address, phone number. Sensitive PII (SPII) includes:

If Stand-Alone: If Paired With Another Identifier: 
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License or State ID #
  • Passport Number
  • Alien Registration Number
  • Financial Account Number
  • Biometric Identifiers
  • Citizenship or Immigration Status
  • Medical Information (e.g. VA Disability Rating %)
  • Ethnic or Religious Affiliation
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Account Passwords
  • Last 4 Digits of SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Criminal History
  • Mother’s Maiden Name

If you must communicate PII/SPII to the NRHD, it is best to communicate by phone, leaving a Voice-Mail at 202-275-5381. If you need to send PII/SPII using G-Mail to, you MUST save PII/SPII in a password protected PDF file and send as an attachment. The password should be sent in the text of a separate G-Mail. The above information and instructions on creating a password protected PDF file are accessible at:

Please also seeCyber Month: Emails containing personally identifiable information on the Coast Guard All Hands Blog Archive”. Those with questions/concerns concerning this notice may contact Bob Hinds, CG Retiree Services Program Manager, by phone (work) 202-475-5451, (cell) 410-627-3039 or e-mail at


Bob Hinds, MS, PMP
Retiree Services Program Manager
USCG Commandant (CG-1335)