Sexual Assault Prevention, 
Response, & Recovery (SAPRR) Program


Volunteer Victim Advocates (VVAs)

VVAs are trained and professionally credentialed Coast Guard active-duty and/or Reserve volunteers who advocate for victims of sexual assault; a person who can provide emotional support to the victim during interviews, medical procedures, and legal proceedings. A VVA is also a prevention resource and assists the SARC and VAPS in prevention-related activities.

VVA Location Requirements 

  • Per SAPRR Program, COMDINST 1754.10F:
    • All Area command cutters, 225 WLMs, and CGC MAKINAW shall have one trained, credentialed, and appointed VVA aboard when deployed.
    • National Security Cutters and Polar Security Cutters, and CGC EAGLE when deployed with trainees, must have two trained, credentialed, and appointed VVAs aboard when deployed.
    • Commands with more than 20 assigned personnel in a Tricare Prime Remote Service Area must have at least one trained, credentialed, and appointed VVA.
  • If a Cutter cannot maintain the required VVA support, COs/OINCs must submit a waiver request to The request must explain why the command is unable to obtain or maintain the required VVA support, including all efforts previously taken to ensure continuous VVA coverage. The waiver must also include a proposed plan to ensure that members have 24/7 access to SAPRR support personnel.
  • COs/OINCs are responsible to ensure coverage is available and marketed to their workforce if a VVA is not available to support a command in a Tricare Prime Remote Service Area. COs/OICs must notify the SARC and the SAPRR Oversight & Policy (O&P) Office via of the alternate coverage plan.
  • NOTE: SARCs and VAPSs are available to assist in plan development.  

VVA Resources and Command Forms (CAC required)

  • Link includes:
    • Command VVA Requirement Waiver Memo Template
    • Unlawful Command Influence (UCI)
    • VVA Designation Letter Memo Template
    • VVA Selection Job Aid
    • VVA Transfer Process Job Aid
    • VVA Record Review Template
    • VVA Revocation Memo Template
    • VVA Prescreening Application
    • VVA Prescreening Interview

Directions for VVA Credentialing