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Introduce yourself to use via a line, card, company brochure or other similar documents. View this page frequently and submit a proposal or bid on our open requirements.

Contractors are required to be registered with the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to obtain contracts with the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard.


The contracting section provides information for new and established ALC contracting partners.

Click the links in the Contracting drop-down list to the left to navigate to the solicitation pages for individual product lines or divisions. To view ALL open, closed, and awarded solicitations, see FedBizOpps. 2012

Name Product Line/Division Phone Number
David Burgess Chief of Contracting Office 252-335-6436
Tabitha Callon Deputy Chief of Contracting Office 252-384-7181
Perry Jackson Administrative Assistant 252-335-6942
Ryan Suchy Short Range Recovery (SRR - H65) Product Line 252-335-5472
Joshua Stoddard Medium Range Recovery (MRR-H60) Product Line 252-335-6642 
Gary Woolard Engineering Services Division (ESD) 252-384-6895
Gary Woolard Industrial Operations Division (IOD) 252-384-6895
Nancy DeBerry Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Division 252-335-6291
Monique Swinson Medium Range Surveillance (MRS) Division 252-335-6142
Catrina McDonald Information Systems Division (ISD/ALD/BOD) 252-384-7499
Allen Lotz Procurement Legal 252-384-7272
Patrick Morris Procurement Policy 252-335-6669
Johnnie Barnett Requirements and COR Manager 252-335-6664

The purpose of the application is to provide sufficient information to persuade the Coast Guard that the proposed material or process represents an innovative approach to an aerospace or process problem experienced by Coast Guard aviation. Beyond that, the application should convince the Coast Guard that the material or process has a reasonable chance of meeting the objective, that the approach is new, not routine, and that the manufacturer has the capability to implement the material or process. Once completed, the original Manufacturer’s Application for Introduction of Materials and Processes must be mailed to the following address:

Commanding Officer
USCG Aviation Logistics Center
Attn: Industrial Systems Manager (ISM)
1664 Weeksville Road
Elizabeth City, NC 27909–5001

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