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The Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) is the hub for the Coast Guard aviation support, which includes the missions of aviation depot level maintenance, structural engineering, spare parts warehousing, and information service needs.

Depot level maintenance can be described as the total overhaul of an airframe. This overhaul is completed every four years on each of the Coast Guard's 200 airframes. It includes a complete teardown and inspection of all planes or helicopters. During the overhaul process, any required modifications or upgrades are completed by our workforce.

ALC is the central point for all aircraft repairs. All major structural repairs are completed at ALC by the airframe's product line. The operational units use technical publications produced by ALC to complete minor repairs. The publications include technical drawings and maintenance procedure cards that give cookbook type instructions on how to repair the aircraft. ALC also provides a call center staffed by technical experts who assist the operational units with complex repairs.

ALC manages the shipment, component repair, and warehousing of all aviation spare parts. Each day ALC repairs 500 component parts and manufactures 100 piece parts that support PDM and warehouse supported requirements. The Aviation Logistics Center serves as the central warehouse for a $1.25 billion spare parts inventory.

In an effort to coordinate the maintenance and supply efforts between ALC and at the 26 operational units, ALC created the Asset Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS) an integrated computer-based system. ALMIS provides tracking of maintenance, flight time, training and allows for real time informed data-based decision making.