Welcome Aboard

The Aviation Logistics Center (ALC), Elizabeth City, NC is the hub of Coast Guard aviation logistical support, and exists to enable aviation operations in the execution of assigned USCG missions. ALC provides Depot-Level Maintenance, Engineering, Supply, Procurement, Information Services, and Acquisition Project management with the goals of Assuring Airworthiness, Optimizing Logistics, and Ensuring Stewardship.

Depot level maintenance involves a complete teardown, inspection, and repair of all 204 USCG planes or helicopters on a four year recurring schedule. Additionally, modifications and upgrades are completed during this process to contribute to the lifecycle extension for all of the platforms in our fleet.

The Engineering services provided by ALC for the entire aviation fleet include: technical drawings and publications, ground support equipment, and Aviation Life Saving Equipment. A large effort in 2018 focused on the modernization of all technical manuals, intelligent wiring, interactive maintenance data, and additive manufacturing.

As the Inventory Control Point of Coast Guard aviation logistics, ALC manages an aviation parts inventory valued at over $1.3B. In 2018 the management of this inventory saw the successful fulfillment of 157,211 orders for aircraft parts to all 26 air stations and 4 product lines.

In FY 2018, the very talented procurement staff of ALC issued 6,863 actions, obligated $401M, and reallocated $19.3M. In addition, they awarded 42 contracts valued at approximately $177M and 209 existing contracts were administered valued at approximately $1.4B.

The Coast Guard’s Asset Logistics Management Information System (ALMIS) was also developed by and is maintained by ALC. This web-based program provides over 25,000 users the ability to manage and keep historical records of all maintenance support, assigned missions, training, and financial costing for every boat, plane, and helicopter in the Coast Guard.