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Violence in the Workplace


The best time to deal with workplace violence is before it happens. Despite all efforts to prevent violent or threatening incidents in the workplace, they may still occur. Please contact your Command Staff Advisor (CSA) or HR Specialist immediately to assist in the timely handling of violent situations.

  • Prevention:
    • Be familiar with COMDINST 5370.1A – Workplace Violence and Threatening Behavior
    • Inform all personnel clearly of Coast Guard’s zero tolerance policy.
    • Be aware of changes in personal behavior patterns that could suggest the potential for violence.
    • Recognize and deal with all levels of threatening/violent behaviors
    • Use training to lower risk and improve employee relationships.
    • Use external and internal resources to resolve conflicts early on.
    • Don’t wait for a violent or threatening incident to occur before taking action to resolve or diffuse the situation.
    • Set clear standards and policies throughout the office and apply them consistently.
    • Stay calm when dealing with inappropriate behavior in the workplace.
    • Make use of probationary periods, performance counseling and other management tools in order to maintain morale and discipline in the workplace.
  • When an incident does occur, act immediately, gather the facts, determine if comments were made, and evaluate the seriousness. If determined to be serious, contact security or local police if appropriate; and:
    • Immediately ensure individual safety.
    • Immediately remove employee from worksite/place on administrative leave/bar from Coast Guard property, if appropriate.
    • Convene a crisis intervention team in accordance with Coast Guard policy.
    • Consult with the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)/Work-Life.
    • Determine appropriate disciplinary or non-disciplinary action through consultation/input from CSA/HR Specialist.
  • In general, be familiar with current Coast Guard policies and procedures concerning violence in the workplace.