Sea Legs - Coast Guard Acronyms and Abbreviations


“A” SCHOOL - School where enlisted member goes to receive basic technical training for their rate.
ASAP - As Soon As Possible
EducationAT - Annual Training
AWOL - Absent Without Leave

BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing
BAS - Basic Allowance for Subsistence

“C” SCHOOL - School member attends to receive advanced technical training
CACO - Casualty Assistance Calls Officer
CAPTAIN'S MAST - Non-judicial punishment used as an alternative to a court-martial
CDA - Career Development Advisor
CFS - Command Financial Specialist
CG PORTAL - Coast Guard intranet site accessible by the military member
CG SUPRT – Coast Guard Support Program (formerly the Employee Assistance Program)
CGMA - Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
CMC - Command Master Chief
CO - Commanding Officer
COLA - Cost of Living Allowance
CONUS - Continental United States
COSE - Career Options & Skills Evaluation. Set up through the Work-Life office
CPO - Chief Petty Officer
CWO - Chief Warrant Officer

DEERS - Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
DEPENDENT - A legal term used for a person receiving all or a portion of their necessary financial support from the active duty member
DIRECT ACCESS - The Coast Guard computerized Human Resources System
DHS - Department of Homeland Security: Parent agency of the Coast Guard
DLA - Dislocation Allowance is an allowance to help offset the costs included during a PCS move
DOD - Department of Defense

Station Curtis Bay, Maryland EAOS - End of Active Obligated Service
EAP - Employee Assistance Program
EAPC - Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
EFMP - DOD Exceptional Family Member Program; the Coast Guard “Special Needs” program
ESO - Educational Services Officer
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

FAS - Family Advocacy Specialist
FOT - Force Optimization and Training
FRS - Family Resource Specialist
FSA - Family Separation Allowance
FSGLI - Family Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance

GEOGRAPHIC BACHELOR - Refers to a member who moves to a new duty station unaccompanied by choice, also known as “geo-bach”, or “geo”
GSA - General Services Administration

HBA - Health Benefits Advisor: An individual who has received additional training on TRICARE who is available to answer questions and assist with TRICARE problems
HHG - Household Goods: Your furniture and personal belongings
HealthcareHPM - Health Promotion Manager

LES - Leave and Earning Statement. The military member can view this online via Direct Access

MCPOCG - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard
METLIFE - Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The contractor who currently provides optional dental insurance for military family members.
MTF - Military Treatment Facility: A military base where members and dependents receive medical care.
MWR - Morale, Well-Being and Recreation
OCS - Officer Candidate School
OER - Officer Evaluation Report: The written report of an officer’s performance of duty
OIC - Officer In Charge
OCONUS - Outside of the continental United States (e.g., Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, etc)
OMBUDSMAN - Official liaison between a command and its families
OOD - Officer of the Deck

Respect your flagPCS - Permanent Change of Station
PPC - Pay & Personnel Center
PPM - Personally Procured Move, also known as “do it yourself” (DITY) move
PSC - Personnel Service Center
POC - Point of Contact
PSU - Port Security Unit

RANK - Grade or official standing of a military member
RATE - Job classification with the Coast Guard such as Damage Controlman (DC)

SBP - Survivor Benefit Program. An optional program that a retiring member can elect and pay premiums to ensure a portion of their retired pay will continue to be paid to the designated beneficiary when the retiree passes away
SEAP - Spouse Employment Assistance Program
SGLI - Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
SITREP - Situation Report
SPO - Servicing Personnel Office
SPONSOR - This term can be used in two ways. 1) The Active Duty member who you are considered a dependent of; 2) Someone assigned to assist you when you PCS.

TAD - Temporary Additional Duty
TAP - Transition Assistance Program. A program offered through Work-Life for military members who are separating or retiring that covers resumes, job search benefits, etc.
TDY - Temporary Duty
TGPS - Transition Goals, Plan, Success plan
TLA - Temporary Lodging Allowance
DeploymentTLE - Temporary Lodging Expense
TO - Transportation Office
TRDP - TRICARE Retiree Dental Plan. Delta Dental of California is the contractor who currently provides optional dental insurance for retirees. Enrollment in the program is voluntary and all premium costs are paid by the enrollee.
TRICARE - The medical insurance provided to military members and their families.
TRM - Transition and Relocation Manager. Member of the Work-Life staff who assists with relocation issues and/or issues for members leaving the service
TSC - TRICARE Service Center. Customer service office for TRICARE
TSP - Thrift Saving Plan: A retirement plan that members may elect to participate in

UCCI - United Concordia Companies, Inc. The contractor who currently provide dental care for active duty and Select Reserve members
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice: The penal code of the military which applies to all service members regardless of rank or branch of service.
UA - Unauthorized Absence

VA - Department of Veterans Affairs
VGLI - Veteran’s Group Life Insurance

XO - Executive Officer
XPO - Executive Petty Officer