Sea Legs - Coast Guard Acronyms and Abbreviations


ASAP - As Soon As Possible 
AT - Annual Training 
AWOL - Absent Without Leave 

BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing 
BAS - Basic Allowance for Subsistence 
BRS – Blended Retirement System 

CACO - Casualty Assistance Calls Officer 
CDC – Child Development Center 
CFS - Command Financial Specialist 
CGSUPRT - Coast Guard Support Program 
CGMA - Coast Guard Mutual Assistance 
CGPAAS – Coast Guard Personnel Accountability and Assessment System 
CMC - Command Master Chief 
CO - Commanding Officer 
COLA - Cost of Living Allowance 
CONUS - Continental United States 
CPO - Chief Petty Officer 
CWO - Chief Warrant Officer 
DA – Direct Access 
DEERS - Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System 
DHS - Department of Homeland Security 
DLA - Dislocation Allowance 
DOD - Department of Defense 

Station Curtis Bay, Maryland EAOS - End of Active Obligated Service 
EAP - Employee Assistance Program 
EAPC – Employee Assistance Program Coordinator 
EER - Enlisted Employee Review 
EFMP - Exceptional Family Member Program 
ESO - Educational Services Officer 
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

FAS - Family Advocacy Specialist 
FRS - Family Resource Specialist 
FSA - Family Separation Allowance 
FSGLI - Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance 
GSA - General Services Administration 
HBA - Health Benefits Advisor 
HHG - Household goods 
HPM - Health Promotion Manager 
LES - Leave and Earning Statement 
MCPOCG - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard 
MCPOCG-R - Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Reserve 
MTF - Military Treatment Facility
MWR - Morale, Well-Being & Recreation 
OAL – Ombudsman-at-Large 
OCONUS - Outside of the continental United States (e.g., Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, etc.) 
OCS - Officer Candidate School 
OER - Officer Evaluation Report 
OHA – Overseas Housing Allowance 
OIC - Officer In Charge 
OOD - Officer of the Deck/Officer of the Day 

Respect your flagPAO – Public Affairs Officer 
PCS - Permanent Change of Station 
PFM – Personal Financial Management 
PFMP – Personal Financial Management Program 
POC - Point of Contact 
PPC - Pay & Personnel Center 
PPM - Personally Procured Move, also known as “do it yourself” (DITY) move 
PSC - Personnel Service Center
PSU - Port Security Unit

SARC - Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 
SBP - Survivor Benefit Program. 
SEAP - Spouse Employment Assistance Program 
SELRES – Selected Reserves 
SGLI - Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance 
SITREP - Situation Report 
SPO - Servicing Personnel Office 
TAD - Temporary Additional Duty 
TAP - Transition Assistance Program 
TDY - Temporary Duty 
TGPS - Transition Goals, Plan, Success 
TLA - Temporary Lodging Allowance 
TLE - Temporary Lodging Expense 
TO - Transportation Office 
TRM - Transition and Relocation Manager 
TSP - Thrift Saving Plan. 
UA - Unauthorized Absence 
UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice 
UPH - Unaccompanied Personnel Housing 
VA - Department of Veterans Affairs 
VGLI - Veteran’s Group Life Insurance 
XO - Executive Officer 
XPO - Executive Petty Officer